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Monday, July 27, 2020

From Championships to First Crushes — This New Book is a Must-Read For African American Youth

The Yearbook by Jonathan Johnson

NationwideThe Yearbook by Jonathan Johnson is a middle-grade fiction book for children aged 10+ with friendships themes and relevance. The book is a must-read for African American boys and girls across the country.

Here’s the synopsis:

Being an eighth-grade young man isn’t just complicated but can be confusing as well. It’s hard enough maintaining straight A’s, being a great basketball player, and trying to maintain a solid social life…now you add girls on top of all those things and you are bound to end up more confused than you previously were.

Landon seems to have it all together. He’s smart, funny, and an excellent basketball player with a heart the size of Texas. The only time he ever really feels off his game is when he crosses paths with a certain girl…Brittany Baker. As the school year comes to an end, he finally faces his fears by telling Brittany how he feels about her. As he gains ground with Brittany, he makes an unrealized mistake that might cost him the girl that he has worked so hard to win over.

Landon must find a way to change his luck as he realizes that his luck is about to run out in three weeks. A yearbook, history project, and a school dance give Landon the chance to gain the outcome that he is seeking.


About the book:
The Yearbook
Published by Johnson Books
ISBN: 978-1734366228
Available at JohnsonBooks.org

About the author:
Jonathan is the author of four titles for children and young adults. He is a kidney health advocate, as he himself is a two-time kidney transplant recipient.


For more information about The Yearbook, or to schedule an interview with Jonathan, please contact him via email at booksonly03@yahoo.com

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