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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Youth-Focused Online Mentoring Community Helps High School and College Students Share Their Challenges and Triumphs

-– Yo Tale, a new youth-centered online mentoring community dedicated to helping high school and college-aged youth overcome challenges together, has today announced their official grand opening. —

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Brooklyn, NY — YoTale.org, a unique online mentoring community geared to help youth share their challenges and triumphs, has today officially announced its grand opening. The online community is designed to let today’s youth share their stories, and inspire and lend support to others facing similar hurdles.

“Some people’s life stories just need to be told,” stated Yo Tale President Orey Brockington III. Yo Tale delivers a unique format for exactly that purpose. Online video has become perhaps the most digital popular medium, and Yo Tale uses that format to help inspiring stores reach a wider audience.

Currently, the site has several categories, including but not limited to:

* Now I’m a College Student
* I crime and changed my mind
* Sex, My Ex and Everything Else
* My Measure of Health
* Fighting drug addiction like u wouldn’t believe
* Pregnant young but still I succeed

Each category was created to host inspiring, educational or heart-wrenching true stories of youth who are struggling, overcoming or just wanting to connect with the wider world.

Many of the youth struggle with various diseases and with a divided family structure that plague many of our youth today which leaves them with no one to talk to. There are growing amounts of youth who are committing suicide over loneliness, depression and sense of hopelessness.

Orey adds. “We want to provide a platform for the youth to be vocal on specific topics they struggle with. In addition, we concentrate and tailor the conversation to a particular focus, providing viewers and users with more than just another social network. There’s help and understanding here.”

Yo Tale is an innovative vision, an online community dedicated to making a tremendous difference in many lives through the sharing of personal stories.

To learn more about Yo Tale, or view videos, visit www.yotale.org.

About Yo Tale:
Yo Tale is a community where users can share personal stories, and inspire and lend support to others. Founded as a charity organization in 2014, Yo Tale strives to provide a unique social support network for high school through college-aged youth.

Yo Tale