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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yodovo.com Encourages African Americans to Be Loud! Be Black! Be Proud!

By Malcolm King


Nationwide — African American incomes have stagnated, the ranks of the poor are swelling among us, almost all the economic gains are going to other racial communities, and greedy corporations are corrupting our black leaders. The black working class is paralyzed with fear it will lose the meager low paying jobs and wages it already has.

In the United States, we are 43 million strong and represent 13.7 percent of the total population. Our median age is 32 with 47 percent under 35 years of age. We are the second largest racial minority in the country. Our consumer sector growth is outpacing other population by 30 percent.

While facing many struggles, we maintain tremendous buying and voting power. Many studies have shown increasing shopping trends, generally for household, health and beauty, travel, technology and child care related items. Even with these remarkable numbers most mainstream advertisers choose to exclude African Americans in media and marketing campaigns and political parties turn a blind eye to the issues that are negatively affecting our communities.

Because of the lack of Black-owned businesses, we waste our buying power enriching other communities. This must stop! Because of the lack of a unified voice, we waste our political power on corrupt leaders. This also must stop!

We will have true representation only with real economic and political power. We must build our own: banks, investment firms, mass media, shopping centers etc. We need an economic revolution! We need to leverage our collective black buying power to enrich and empower our communities. Empowered communities have real political strength!

Real economic power can only be achieved when we unify and commit to supporting Black-owned businesses.

In current times, no revolution is possible without the unifying power of social media. Popular social media platforms completely ignore our needs and our issues. Applications like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram delete truthful posts and suspend black activist accounts in order to suppress their voices.

Additionally, our political, economic and spiritual voices are fragmented when we use mainstream social media platforms as our only source for networking. We must have our own unified social networking platform to support the black revolution.

Yodovo.com, a social media platform built by us and dedicated to the betterment of black communities worldwide, was founded in 2016 with a strong belief that true freedom can only come from unity; when we are united, we have an abundance of options. Choices such as spending our hard earned money where it will benefit us; selecting leaders that truly have our best interest at heart; and publish stories that shatter negative stereotypes and misconceptions about us.

In order to unite, we must accept and value who we are and the passion we bring to the world. Our mission statement is simple: “We aspire African Americans to Be Loud! Be Black! Be Proud!”

Log on now to www.yodovo.com to find out more.


Dimitry Saint-Pierre

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