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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Innovative Black Entrepreneur Launches Toddler Walking Shoes With Better Foot Support and Comfort

Yolandra Rodgers, CEO & Founder of Tippy Tot Shoes

Yolandra Rodgers, CEO & Founder of Tippy Tot Shoes

Nationwide — Most people refer to Yolandra Rodgers as the Baby Shoe Lady, consequently, she is the brains behind the successful baby shoe store at TippyTotShoes.com, You heard it right – A Black woman entrepreneur falling into the ranks of other successful women business owners!

Yolandra started her entrepreneurial journey in 2013 in pursuit to reach families with beginner walking toddlers. Her focus was to market a shoe solely for fashionable, healthy and happy feet. During a period of observation and research, she noticed so many toddlers in clunky shoes and sneakers, she decided to launch TippyTotShoes.com, a high-quality baby shoe with excellent foot support and comfort that helps to increase walking efficiency.

With her first social media post, she gained the likes and gratification of family and friends of a classic shoe that many thought was non-existence. Yolandra’s concept changed the game and put a new spin on it with a variation of styles, colors and textures for any occasion. She instantly received rave reviews and positive feedback. Sales began to soar as she continued to market relentlessly across all social media platforms.

It’s worth the investment

Tippy Tot Shoes have taken off and selling just as fast as they restock. Parents all seem to love the improvement in their toddlers walk and most certainly the compliments. Yolandra recalls being an invitee at a Children’s Health Fair, whereas, a panel of Pediatric Podiatrist states “leather hard bottoms contribute tremendously in your baby’s first steps. It’s therapeutic as they learn to walk” One couple backing “If it wasn’t for Tippy Tot Shoes during the early stages of their son beginning to walk, the odds would be zero to none. He really struggled to get going but these shoes gave him an added boost.” Although, Yolandra attest that most will walk in their own timing, it’s imperative to know that great shoes make a huge difference.

Scaling Up

Yolandra’s participation in the FedEx Small Business Competition heightened the brands awareness that garnered the attention of marketers, advertising agencies, sponsors, and consumers, all who rallied behind her growth. Subsequently, ICCC (Inner City Capital Connections) – partnered as a gateway to promote sustainable business growth in underserved communities across the country. It helps to bridge the gap for the 75% of inner-city businesses that need capital, but that cite lack of knowledge and relationships as key barriers to obtaining it.

Yolandra acknowledge that ICCC recognized her efforts and pushed her for long-term success. She was nominated to attend an executive level training that would position her for job creation and capital acquisition. In addition, since November 2017, she was invited to meet 400+ guests during the 12th Annual Inner City Capital Connections National Conference in New York, NY. This event allowed an opportunity to network with corporate partners, meet award winning speakers, acquire new suppliers, and spark the interest of investors.

Yolandra was recently recognized by Harlem’s Fashion Row, the most prestigious platform for multicultural fashion designers. HRF Editor-in-Chief, Brandice Daniel highlights, “Rodgers has turned a small solution into a successful home-run business!”

TippyTotShoes.com is now a go-to retailer for beginner walking toddler shoes. Whether your options are soft soles or hard bottoms, each pair helps to support: wobbly ankles, flat-footed steps, arch support, muscle tone and ligaments while strengthening legs and feet. And to spice things up with a bit of flair, she’s developed a line of “Shoe Kilties/Tassels” that everyone loves for those special dress-up occasions.

You simply can’t put a price on quality for healthy feet – It’s so much more than walking!

For more details and/or to make a purchase, visit www.tippytotshoes.com

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