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Friday, November 2, 2018

So, Here’s the Thing About Young Black Girls Who Only Play With White Dolls…

African American girls playing with white dolls

Nationwide — Research confirms that brown skin girls that only play with white dolls often grow up thinking that being “white” is beautiful, and that being “black” or “brown” is ugly!

And it’s the same for young girls that only play with dolls with straight hair… They often grow up believing that “straight” hair is beautiful, but “kinky” or “natural” hair is not attractive!

But there is an easy way to save young Black girls from this epidemic! Black parents can start buying their children dolls that make them proud of who they are… dolls with a beautiful brown skin tone, and kinky or natural hair — dolls that look like them!

One Black-owned company, Toys Like Me, has just released a new collection of plush toys that resemble children with brown skin. The brand was created by Dante Lee, an African American father from the Washington, DC area, who noticed that major retailers like Walmart and Target carry very few toys for children of color.

“I have an 11-year old son,” Lee says. “And every time we go to buy toys, there is an obvious lack of diversity in the toy aisle. So, I decided to design and manufacture my own toys that children with brown skin can resonate with.”

So far, his company is off to an amazing start – averaging $200 to $300 in orders every day. His products currently include backpack dolls and emoji pillows, but he is planning to launch a series of baby dolls, barbie-style dolls, and even action figures.

For more details and/or to purchase the toys for children you know, visit www.ToysLikeMe.com

(Be sure to use promo code “BlackKidsMatter” to get a 15% discount!)


Toys Like Me

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