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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Young Homeless Father Shares the Love After Getting $56K in Donations

James Moss and son

James Moss and son

Denver, CO — James Moss, a Denver man who was formerly homeless, is now taking the time to give back to others. Moss, who last week received more than $54K in donations via a crowdfunding campaign in just 11 days from others who heard about his story, was recently seen handing out free food and sandwiches to homeless and hungry people in downtown Denver.

Moss told local media: “I was once in this position with my son. It just feels good (to help). I’ve got a little tingly feeling going on.” He said that he decided to pay the kindness he had received forward and planned to organize more events like this in future.

Moss, who is originally from New York City, came to Denver with his son, Zhi, in hopes of starting a new life. However, things went south after just two days when their original housing arrangements fell through. This left him looking for shelter and housing.

Regarding his son, Moss said, “Everything I do is for him. The reason I made this move is for him. To be in a peaceful place, the mountains, I want him to experience things that I missed growing up.”

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