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Thursday, November 16, 2023

Former Gang Member From LA Now Runs a Multi-Million Dollar Organization With 125 Employees

Yusef Wiley

Nationwide — In 2012, Yusef Wiley was released from a California Correctional facility after serving close to 22 years due to his past gang involvement in South Central LA. He hit the ground running being supported by family, friends, and the faith community located in the San Francisco Bay Area, he immediately began to make his passion for serving known by speaking at all types of venues.

Not long after that, requests began to pour in for Yusef to share his story at local government meetings, college campus events, and companies in Silicon Valley. After securing employment in the private school sector as an African-American Studies School Teacher.

In 2014, it was time to bring to life his dream and prayer to serve his community full-time as founder of the Timelist Group, Inc., which is now a successful multi-million dollar operation serving the very community he once helped to destroy as a gang member.

Yusef is now giving back to his community by providing a number of programs such as housing for reentry and unhoused individuals, and workforce programs which have allowed him to hire system-impacted people with a history of felony arrest. The Timelist Group now employs over 125 people from its predominately African-American community.

He has added to his business portfolio a Consultant Company, YW Consultants LLC, and a speaking platform called YW Speaks, LLC.

Yusef is a Founder & CEO, Personal Life Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Cross Facilitator, Collaborator and Mentor.

To learn more about Yusef or to book him for a speaking engagement, visit YWSpeaks.com

To learn more about his organization, Timelist Group, Inc., visit TimelistGroup.org

For press inquiries, contact yusefwiley@gmail.com or (510) 552-1256.