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Monday, October 31, 2022

Black Athlete, the Fastest Man on Hands Just Broke Two More Records

Zion Clark

Nationwide — Zion Clark, an African American athlete born without legs and known as the fastest man on two hands, has recently set two more Guinness World Records. He achieved new record titles for the highest box jump with the hands and the most diamond push-ups in 3 minutes.

In February 2021, Clark set the record for being the world’s fastest man on two hands when he walked 20 meters on his hands in just 4.78 seconds. More than a year later, he has smashed two more records.

“It’s TWO new records for the man with no excuses, Zion Clark,” captioned the video posted on Guinness World Records’ Twitter showing Clark performing the attempt at an elite Los Angeles-based gym.

For the first record, Clark jumped from the ground using only his hands onto a box with a minimum required height of 24 inches. He set a new record after easily jumping 30 inches high. But he beat his own record and successfully jumped even higher to the height of 33 inches.

He then attempted to break the record for the most diamond push-ups in 3 minutes. He failed on his first try with 54 push-ups and 48 seconds remaining. He came back stronger during the second round in which he achieved 248 diamond push-ups in less than 3 minutes.

Clark said that it is indeed harder to achieve the second record because it “was definitely a mind game, it is definitely mind over matter,” he said, according to the Guinness World Records.

Clark also attempted two more record titles for the most parallel bar dips in one minute with a 40-pound pack and the fastest five meters rope climb carrying a 40-pound pack (male), but both proved to be too challenging.

Clark, who was born without legs due to Caudal Regression Syndrome, said his life was hard growing up. For 17 years, he was in the foster care system since his biological mother was unable to care for him. He was adopted by Kimberly Clark Hawkins when he was already 17 years old.

Since then, Clark has proven himself and taken only the path to success. Aside from being an athlete, he is also a motivational speaker and author.

Now that Clark holds 3 world record titles he does not plan to stop there. He is preparing to be the first-ever Olympian and Paralympian athlete at the same Olympic Games in Paris 2024. He hopes to encourage other people who are also dealing with their own challenges.

“Find what makes you happy and keep being yourself, and one day you could be beating my records,” he said.