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Thursday, February 22, 2024

27-Year-Old Makes History as First Black Female Pilot to Fly a Boeing 777 for Air Canada

Zoey Williams

Nationwide — Meet Zoey Williams, a 27-year-old from Ontario, Canada with four college degrees who has recently made history as Air Canada’s first Black female pilot to fly a Boeing 777. What’s more, she also earned a spot among the Top 20 Under 40 by Wings Magazine.

Growing up as the daughter of a pilot, Zoey’s childhood was marked by travels across the globe. Despite that, Zoey was initially hesitant about a career in piloting due to the unpredictable schedules and instead shifted focus to the engineering side of aviation, she said in an interview with Embry‑Riddle Aeronautical University.

However, after she got terrified during a flight on a Cessna, she took it as an opportunity to conquer her fear and pursued flight training. She eventually earned her wings as a certified flight instructor by the age of 19.

Throughout her career, Zoey navigated various roles in the aviation industry, including flying the Beechcraft 1900 in challenging conditions, before making her mark as a First Officer for Sky Regional Airlines and later transitioning to Air Transat.

Moreover, Zoey faced the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Despite disruptions, she pursued an MBA in Aviation from Embry-Riddle while engaging in diverse ventures, from starting a short-term rental business to flying a Boeing 737 for Flair Airlines.

Her journey eventually brought her to Air Canada, where she achieved a milestone by operating flights alongside her father on the Boeing 777. She has also gained recognition in videos by Air Canada and the Elevate Aviation 2023 Women of Inspire.

Beyond aviation, Zoey is a multi-talented individual, actively showcasing her musical skills on various platforms. She’s also making her mark as an author with her upcoming book, “Go Where You Belong,” aiming to inspire young minds.

“If you have a burning desire to do something, don’t bury it. Keep your focus, build your networks, share your goals and show your passion in everything you do. That’s how you can end up doing things you love day in and day out,” she said.