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Thursday, June 20, 2024

12-Year-Old Janae Madison is the New Face of Fun and Fitness

Former Miss Pre-Teen Georgia Is Inspiring Kids Nationwide with Her New Workout Journal

Janae Madison

Nationwide — Janae Madison, a multi-talented 12-year-old actor, model, and entrepreneur, is making waves not only on screen but also in the world of fitness. Her passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle among her peers has recently culminated in the release of a workout journal called Fitness With Janae designed to help kids stay on track with their fitness goals.

This former Miss Pre-Teen Georgia is already a familiar face in the entertainment industry. Having studied under Dwayne Boyd’s Actors Network, Janae recently showcased her acting skills when she co-starred with her friends Nicholas Buamah, Seree’ Abellard, and Cavanaugh Bell in the family-friendly TV series Nick’s House.

She has also been featured in several movies and national commercials, capturing hearts with her dynamic performances and vibrant personality.

Glamour Girl Fitness, the nonprofit organization founded by Janae, aims to make fitness fun and accessible for children. The organization arranges engaging workout events where children can enjoy being active together, cultivating a love for fitness from a young age. Janae’s new workout journal is an exciting addition to her efforts, offering kids a practical and enjoyable way to keep track of their fitness journey.

“I want to show kids that staying active can be fun and rewarding,” says Janae. “Fitness is important for our health and confidence, and my goal is to inspire other kids to find joy in being active and taking care of themselves.”

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Fitness With Janae is available for purchase on Amazon

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