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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

4 Black Women Scientists, All HBCU Grads, Launch New Podcast About the Science Behind Healthcare

Black women scientists of the BSC podcast

Chicago, IL — Sister scientists Drs. Myla Patterson-Smith, Shuntae Williams, Charletha Irvin Joseph, and Elethia Tillman have partnered to create the Black Scientist Cooperative (“BSC”) Podcast. These HBCU graduates were raised and educated by the Black community and are ready to leverage their expertise to make science and healthcare information clear and simple for their viewers.

The mission of BSC is to empower the Black community to make informed, science-based decisions on health and wellness. The Podcast covers a broad range of topics including the science behind the COVID-19 vaccines, the origins of health disparities, and more. BSC regularly features subject matter experts from around the world to help educate and empower the Black community.

Here are some additional details about the co-founders:

Dr. Myla Patterson-Smith holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science (Cardiovascular Physiology and Cell Signaling) and an MBA in Strategy. Her expertise is in medical devices and biotechnology. She understands the business of biotech and science and manages diagnostic testing portfolios for Fortune 500 Companies.

Dr. Shuntae Williams holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science (Microbiology and Infectious Disease) and an MS in Regulatory Science. Her area of expertise is biomarker discovery and development. She applies advanced scientific principles, theories, concepts, practices, and standards to the development of biomarker assays for diagnostic and clinical trial assays.

Dr. Charletha V. Irvin Joseph holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science (Microbiology and Genetics) and a Master’s in Healthcare Administration. She is also a certified professional in healthcare quality. Her area of expertise is hospital administration. She translates research, basic science, and innovation into safe and feasible clinical processes and treatments for patients. She is also an advocate for under-served communities.

Dr. Elethia Tillman holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Science Cardiovascular Physiology and Cell Signaling) and a certification in Medical Writing. Her expertise is in education. She helps undergraduate students appreciate and apply advanced biological concepts and theories and develops scientific documents in multiple therapeutic areas for healthcare and research professionals.

Listen to the Black Scientist Cooperative Podcast via their social media pages on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Their motto is to “make data simple”!

For press inquiries, contact Myla Patterson, Co-Founder, at blackscientistcooperative@gmail.com or 312-937-1255.