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Friday, September 25, 2020

5 Siblings Launch “The Sisters Show” Podcast to Connect Black America With the Global African Diaspora

Sibling hosts of The Sisters Show podcast

NationwideThe Sisters Show is a new talk show & podcast hosted by five sisters from Gambia (West Africa) now streaming on Apple Podcast and Facebook Live. The sisters — Dr. Jay Ceesay, Olay Ceesay Jabbi, Amy Ceesay, Juka Ceesay, and Dr. Mamaram Ceesay — all have diverse views, different professions, and vibrant personalities. The sisters’ goal is to have honest conversations, each bringing in their unique perspectives of various burning topics from health and wellness, entrepreneurship, finance, relationships, innovation & current entertainment and lifestyle news events. They believe that when we connect to have honest conversations, we can educate, inspire, and empower each other.

The Sisters Show brings various experts from all walks of life from financial advisers to doctors, dietitians, therapists, technology/ innovators, entrepreneurs, artists, etc. to have a conversation with the sisters and share their experience and exchange ideas with our diverse audiences in the African continent and around the world.

The Sisters Show premiered on August 22nd, 2020 at 4pm EST. Just within 6 hours, their live video reached over 6,000 viewers. The audience of the show has been from a wide range demographically. Just in a few weeks, two episodes, the sisters have managed to catch the attention of women and men of all ages because of the hot burning and variety of topics they discuss on the show which include social and economic issues.

The siblings comment, “We know there is a gap in media for us to fill. There are lot of young women that need mentoring in Africa. We also realized the power of media during the time our brother and his best friend, Alhagi Mamut Ceesay & Ebou Jobe, (may peace be on them) went missing in The Gambia during the Jammeh regime. Media is a tool we all can utilize to bring about positive change in the world. We will focus on discussions that push the envelope for Africans, even if it gets uncomfortable for our audience. We will also be sharing information to empower those that want to start their own businesses and brands. People that aspire to go into the health care system, the corporate world or to follow their passion if their calling is to work in the beauty industry. We want to be a platform for all people, including older women too.”

They continued, “The topics we discuss are quite diverse and of course health will be part of what we talk about since we have two doctors on the team. The changes we want to bring is for the whole of the African continent. Including people of color or anyone that is looking to be inspired and empowered. Change starts with the mind and taking action. We as Africans can no longer sit back to allow people that do not look like us or know our culture or stories to speak for us or to lead our generation. We are capable as Africans. We hope you join us every Saturday at 7pm GMT on Facebook Live for great weekly conversations.”

The Hosts:

• Dr. Jay Ceesay has been a health care provider for over 20 years. She currently runs her own family practice in Texas.

• Olay Ceesay Jabbi has been a technology leader with over 13 years of experience. She is currently the Vice President/Chief of Staff of Operations for a Fortune 500 company.

• Amy Ceesay is a beauty Director for a major International markup brand, Dior.

• Juka Ceesay is the founder of Juka’s Organic Co., the leading provider of natural food and beauty products from Africa produced by women farmers in over 5 countries.

• Dr. Mamaram Ceesay is currently a resident physician in Obstetrics and Gynecology “OB GYN” In Texas. She obtained her Doctorate in Medicine from Wisconsin.


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Also, learn more about the show at TheSistersShow.com

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