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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

20-Year-Old Black Woman Graduates College, Named HBCU Entrepreneur of the Year

Aaliyah Duah

Nationwide — Aaliyah Duah, a recent graduate of Virginia State University, has been named HBCU Entrepreneur of the Year in recognition of her outstanding work in promoting financial literacy and entrepreneurship in the black community. At just 20 years old, Aaliyah has already made a significant impact, founding Financial Revolutionn, a social media platform that uses entertaining and relatable content to educate her peers on the importance of financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

Growing up in Brooklyn, New York City, Aaliyah witnessed firsthand the negative impact that poor financial decisions can have on individuals and communities. But it was during the pandemic that she had a revelation, realizing that she had been valuing materialistic things over what truly matters.

From that moment on, Aaliyah knew she wanted to start a financial revolution in the Black community, and she has been working tirelessly to achieve that goal ever since.

As a sophomore in college, Aaliyah published her first book, The Blueprint for Investing, which provides readers with a step-by-step guide to investing in the stock market. In just two weeks, she was able to break statistics and sell over 100 copies. She has also developed a financial literacy game called “Rap Cards,” which uses rap lyrics to teach young people about money management. Aaliyah has a financial planner called “The Billion Dollar Plan,” which helps individuals map out their financial goals.

In addition to her entrepreneurial endeavors, Aaliyah is also deeply committed to community service. As Vice President of the Student Government Association at VSU, she advocated for an annual funded trip to Ghana, West Africa for students and faculty to learn about their African history. Aaliyah has also hosted numerous back-to-school drives, free events, and webinars.

McDonald’s has recognized Aaliyah’s work by selecting her as one of the 2023 Black & Positively Golden Change Leaders. Each change leader receives a $20,000 grant to use for their business and a media campaign that exposes their platform. Aaliyah plans on using these resources to continue developing creative and fun ways for people of color of all ages to become financially literate through music, films, courses, books, podcasts, and many more.

For more information about Aaliyah Duah and Financial Revolutionn, please visit their website at FinancialRevolutionn.com

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram and TikTok.

For press inquiries or media interviews, contact aaliyah@financialrevolutionn.com