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Monday, June 3, 2024

1-Year-Old Painter Makes History as Youngest Artist to Be Recognized by Guinness World Records

Ace LIam Nana Sam Ankrah

Nationwide — Meet Ace-Liam Nana Sam Ankrah, who at just one year and 152 days old, breaks records as the youngest male artist ever recognized by Guinness World Records. His artistic journey started when his mother, Chantelle Ankrah, noticed his fascination with painting at 6 months old.

While Chantelle worked on her own paintings, she laid out a canvas for Ace-Liam to play on. To her amazement, he didn’t just play.

“He ended up spreading the paint all over the canvas, and in the process, he created his first masterpiece titled The Crawl. It was clear that he found a lot of joy in it,” Chantelle recalled, according to Because of Them We Can.

Since then, Ace-Liam’s talent has attracted attention from local and global media, even catching the eye of Ghana’s First Lady. With over 20 paintings under his belt, Ace-Liam’s colorful creations spark discussions on art.

“He has created a buzz and heightened the conversation about art appreciation,” Chantelle said. “As well as discovering and nurturing talents in kids.”

His debut exhibition at the Museum of Science and Technology in Ghana showcased his artworks, where 9 out of 10 pieces were quickly sold. His vibrant, expressive paintings, inspired by his surroundings, resonate with viewers, showcasing his unique perspective.

As Ace-Liam’s talent grows, his family aims to support his artistic journey, exploring scholarships and opportunities to sell his work internationally.

Chantelle encourages parents to embrace their child’s passion, saying, “Encourage and support your child’s interests, no matter how early they appear. Every child is unique, and nurturing their passions can lead to amazing discoveries and achievements.”