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Monday, October 21, 2019

African American Couple Creates New Social Media Platform For Students Worldwide

Dwight and Angelique Morrison, founders of PS Remember

Dwight and Angelique Morrison, founders of PS Remember

Nationwide — Dwight & Angelique Morrison, are the co-founders of PS Remember, a new social media platform that connects students in over 100 countries. Through it’s unique and powerful search engine, PS Remember allows students currently attending or who have previously attended high school or college to find each other. With over 2.5 million schools in it’s database, students now have the ability to communicate like never before.

For example, a student currently attending Howard University can now connect with others students currently attending the University of Oxford in England or the University of Lagos in Nigeria… absolutely free! Users can register to find their former classmates from many years ago in various countries including Mexico, USA, Brazil, Australia, France, India, Ghana, Nigeria, Jamaica, Columbia, South Africa, and many more.

Angelique holds a degree in biotechnology and is a former researcher at the University of Guelph, where she assisted other scientists in a search for a cure for cystic fibrosis . Dwight is a former music producer and record label executive.

Both Dwight & Angelique aspire to connect all the students in the world on one platform. Subsequently through their efforts, they also hope to inspire the next generation of young people – especially African Americans – to dream big, work hard and make their dream a reality.

For more details and/or to join PS Remember for free, visit www.psremember.com


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