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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Black Founder Launches Trailblazing Online Counseling Platform to Address Mental Health Needs of the African American Community

Aiyana Ma'at, founder of Perspective

Los Angeles, CA — Mental health advocate, licensed therapist and startup founder, Aiyana Ma’at has created a new online counseling platform called Perspective that prioritizes the mental health needs of the Black community. It is the first online platform whose mission is to prioritize the African American community by providing 100% online professional counseling — anytime, anywhere. It is like “having a therapist in your pocket.”

The black community will now have the opportunity to connect to culturally competent licensed therapists at the tip of their fingertips. Research shows that African American adults were already more likely to experience 20% more serious psychological distress than white adults prior to the challenging times we’re currently living in. Anxiety and depression symptoms have more than tripled since the coronavirus pandemic has emerged, with African Americans carrying the heaviest burden. With the current racial climate and protests across the country, African Americans are now experiencing record levels of secondary trauma and mental health challenges. “Black people want to open up, need to talk, and they need emotional support just like all people do,” said Aiyana. “However, the Black community does not always have a comfortable and safe space to talk about and share their stresses, life experiences and challenges. Culturally competent counseling with someone who understands or even shares a similar journey or worldview can make all the difference in the counseling experience.”

The platform, which launches Summer 2020, is not only convenient but also accessible and affordable. Perspective provides unlimited counseling via secure messaging, live chat, video or audio at a significantly reduced cost as compared to traditional in-person therapy. The service is accessible from any smart device (laptop, tablet or smartphone) and provides the opportunity for therapists and clients to communicate multiple times a day every day. A lack of culturally competent counselors as well as conscious and unconscious provider bias has prevented the African American community from receiving the mental health support they desire and need. Perspective is addressing these issues and meeting the unmet needs of African Americans and people of color through the development of a unique assessment that takes clients unique traits, values and experiences into account when matching them with a therapist. Perspective therapists assist clients with a variety of issues such as anxiety, depression, race-based trauma, relationships, stress, grief, self-esteem, parenting & much more. Perspective believes that the African American community has a right to get support knowing that they will truly be seen and heard.

Learn more at TryPerspective.com


About Perspective:
Perspective is the only 100% online counseling service of its kind whose mission is to specifically serve the African American community by providing professional counseling via text, audio or video anytime from anywhere. Perspective is pushing back against barriers related to mental health in the Black community (such as stigma, cost, and misdiagnosis) by increasing access for African Americans and other vulnerable communities to get the emotional and mental health support they deserve.

Leaders in cultural competence, Perspective is building a committed community of counselors that reflect the multi-faceted values, experiences, and culture of the Black community. For more information, visit TryPerspective.com.