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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Woman Whose Mom and Grandmother Were Illiterate Earns Law Degree

Alice Gyamfi, first woman in family to earn a law degree

New York, NY — Alice Gyamfi, who is from Ghana, has recently passed the New York Bar examination and has become a lawyer. She is the first woman in her family in 17 generations to get an education, and also the first woman in her family to learn to read and write.

After 17 generations of women who were illiterates, Gyamfi was the one who managed to break the streak. She says that she expresses her gratitude to God and hopes that the generations to come will follow in her footsteps too.

Gyamfi, who migrated to the USA with her family when she was young, is dedicating her success to her grandmother who was so proud of her.

“When I told my grandma I was going to law school she started calling me her “granddoctah”! I told her she couldn’t call me Doctor just yet. She sent me off to law school with $100 and an anointing. This degree belongs to her,” she said.

Even before entering law school, Gyamfi proved herself when she served as a policy analyst for President Barack Obama’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Initiative.

A Penn State Law graduate, Gyamfi is now set to work as an associate at DLA Piper in New York City.