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Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Former Black Walmart Exec Turned Author and Advocate Shares Insights on “Human-ing Well”

Amber Cabral Unveils Three Practical Approaches to Building Supportive Workplaces & Spaces by Being Good Humans

Amber Cabral

NationwideAmber Cabral, an award-winning inclusion and equity strategist, certified coach, and author of two acclaimed books, Allies and Advocates (Wiley 2020) and Say More About That (Wiley 2022), as well as podcast host of Guilty Privilege, graced the TED stage to tackle a pressing global challenge: fostering workplaces where individuals truly feel supported despite their differences. As a former inclusion strategist at Walmart, Cabral leveraged her expertise to establish Cabral Co., a consultancy working with renowned brands and their leaders on the ubiquitous modern-day challenge of cultivating support for individuals in the workplace, ensuring everyone feels seen, safe, and heard.

In her engaging TED Talk, Cabral introduces techniques anyone can follow to “be a good human” by focusing on empathy, speaking up, advocating for others, and nurturing a culture of mutual respect. She underscores the importance of acknowledging and leveraging personal advantages while advocating for the recognition of individual privileges to empower others. Cabral promotes active listening as a means to deepen understanding of the diverse lived experiences within organizations.

VIEW AMBER CABRAL’S TED TALK “3 steps to better connect with your fellow humans” HERE: https://go.ted.com/ambercabral

Describing her message of “human-ing well” as an evolution beyond traditional inclusive initiatives, Cabral emphasizes the integration of allyship into daily interactions. “I aim to shift our perception of allyship and DEI from solely highlighting challenges to recognizing daily opportunities for personal growth,” says Cabral, underlining the essence of authentic connections and a culture of respect.

Raised in the resilient and vibrant City of Detroit, Cabral’s upbringing instilled in her a keen eye for opportunity, especially within people. Juggling full-time work, college, and graduate school in her twenties, she also adopted two teenagers, experiences that enriched her ability to perceive goodness in all individuals. These encounters equipped her with the skill to share personal stories that unravel intricate societal issues, simplify complex information, and unite individuals from diverse backgrounds in engaging, meaningful, and unexpected ways. Cabral firmly believes in nurturing the potential and opportunities within others by creating safe environments where individuals can be impactful and thrive.

Download of photos of Amber at TED can be found here.

About Amber Cabral & Cabral Co.
Amber Cabral is an award-winning Inclusion Strategist, certified coach, speaker, and author of two books, Allies and Advocates, (Wiley, 2020) and Say More About That (Wiley, 2022). She regularly teaches and speaks on a variety of inclusion, culture, and leadership topics. Amber is also the host of the popular bi-weekly podcast called Guilty Privilege.

Formerly a Diversity Strategist at Walmart Stores, Inc., she founded Cabral Co., an equity and inclusive leadership-focused consulting firm helping organizations ignite behavior shifts that create inclusive workplace cultures. Passionate about developing the next generation of decision-makers, Amber supports a myriad of non-profit organizations committed to promoting equitable representation. She is the chair of Brown Girls Do, an organization that empowers women and girls in the arts across the globe. Learn more about her at AmberCabral.com and follow her on Instagram, X, Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok.

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