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Thursday, February 13, 2020

Meet the Sibling Authors Who Help Kids Manage Money and Invest in Real Estate

Andrea Stephenson and Linsey MIlls, authors of Teach Your Child Money Through Play

Washington, DC — Siblings Andrea Stephenson and Linsey Mills have over 40 years of combined experience in teaching youth financial literacy and have made it their mission to expose children to these topics in a fun way. They are the authors of a new book entitled Teach Your Child About Money Through Play with over 110 games/activities, tips, and resources. The book is available on Amazon.

Financial literacy is a subject that is not taught in many schools today. However, when children become adults, they will most likely have to manage money. Also, their credit score will be an important number connected to their name. Therefore, it is up to parents to introduce kids to money.

If a child has financial literacy skills, then most often they will make smart decisions.

The activities in Teach Your Child About Money Through Play include materials and toys you already have in your home. They also provide fun field trips that create a hands-on approach and a supplement to your child’s learning. It will help you take the guessing game out of how to expose kids to money topics and concepts.

The book addresses topics ranging from budgeting and debt to investing and entrepreneurship. Items such as toys and clothing are used to introduce your child to real estate investing, stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Read this book and discover ways to create fun scenarios and role plays so your child will understand various money topics. Be the parent that gives your child a financial head start.


About the Authors

Andrea Stephenson is the creator of the blog and organization SimplyOutrageousYouth.org, which has helped thousands of parents expose their children to playful in-depth and accelerated learning methods. She has also create online courses and written two other books called Teach Your Toddler to Read Through Play and Fun and Easy Ways to Teach Your Toddler to Write. Each book contains over 130 activities, tips, and resources to expose your child to reading and writing in a fun way. Both books are available on Amazon. Simply Outrageous Youth gives additional activities and tips on the following platforms: Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram.

Linsey Mills is the developer and co-founder of TRADER$: Stock Market Experience. He created TRADER$ to introduce students to the experience of trading stocks in a fast-paced, action-packed, environment. After 27 years of advising, mentoring, investing and creating unique experiences related to money and finance, Linsey has influenced and changed the financial lives of thousands of people during his career through his consulting company the Callinz Group.


Andrea Stephenson