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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Black Entrepreneur Releases Newly Developed System to Regrow Stubborn Hair Back

Angela Brown, founder of D'Serv Professional Hair Care Products

Nationwide — Meet Angela Brown, an African American hair coach and product developer who is on a mission to stop the fast growth of hair loss. Her hair loss product line, D’Serv Professional Hair Care Products, consists of plant-based detox treatments, elixir oils, maintenance products, and hair tools such as derma rollers. Most recently, she has launched her new PACC program (Performance Application Coaching & Consistency) which has the capability to restore hair loss on all levels.

Angela, who was a salon professional for over 38 years, says that her goal with her products is to support salon professionals and their everyday customers. She says that over the years, she has fallen in love with growing hair while understanding all types of hair textures.

Over 35 million men and 21 million women suffer from hair loss according to TheHairSociety.org. Angela agrees so she has taken her education on hair loss and hair care line to the next level. Angela says that God gave her before she was even born her God-given purpose to aid in slowing down hair loss.

Angela comments, “There are a number of different ways that a person can lose their hair including Alopecia, male and female baldness, protective styles side effects from medications, laziness, and lack of education. Many African Americans or people, in general, don’t understand what a real treatment is or how many times a year they should even be getting one along with steam treatments.”

She continues, “It is now time to learn more about your own hair and its capabilities, than to just settle and take it because you’re lost. Many people just don’t know where to start and feel they don’t have the time nor the money.”

That’s where the PACC program comes in as it helps to restore your hair on all levels if you’re consistent. Hair loss is real, and Angela has the education, passion, patience, and right recipe for each one who reaches out to her and her team of professionals. The combination of ingredients, PH levels, treatments, and products for the salon and home is a perfect dish to love! Angela is now breaking the silence and speaking out about her brand, salon, and powerful message about hair care. She believes that although she is not a dermatologist or trichologist that she still has what God gave her and she discovered it a couple of years ago when she excepted her purpose.

For more details and/or to request a free hair consultation to get a complete understanding of how to completely restore your hair, visit DeserveHealthyHair.com

For press inquiries, contact info@deservehealthyhair.com or call 877-833-5877, ext 2.