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Monday, February 8, 2016

Black Female Tech Entrepreneur Launches New Digital Business Card App That Helps With Professional Networking

— The beta version of NetWorq app (available on Google Play store) already has more than 35,000 downloads —

Anie Akpe, founder of NetWorq App

Anie Akpe, founder of NetWorq App

Nationwide — Anie Akpe, an African American female tech entrepreneur from New York City, has created an amazing social discovery app called NetWorq App, and it was developed with one thing in mind, ‘one-click connectivity’. Does the following conversation ring any bells?

Person #1: Can I have your business card? Please.

Person #2: I’m sorry! I am all out, looks like I didn’t carry enough with me. Do you mind giving me yours instead, and I’ll reach out to you?

Person #1: Actually I didn’t carry any. I don’t know how I forgot to bring any this meeting.

“Many professionals have been caught unprepared in situations where exchanging a business card would have been handy. Most people will often remember to bring along their business cards when attending big events like a business meeting or trade show. However, very few people carry their business cards with them all the time, every time,” says Anie.

She continues, “Sadly you never know when an opportunity for a useful networking will occur. Take, for instance, on a typical day, when you are out for a coffee or lunch break at the diner across the street. You bump into someone from a company you would want to do business with or a prospective client. Failure to exchange contacts could lead to you losing an opportunity to scale up your business.”

This is where NetWorq App comes to the rescue; this is an app that will allow users to create a digital e-card version of their business card that they can take around with them in their smartphone. Let’s face it, it is easier to forget to wash your face than it is to leave behind your smartphone; you take it virtually everywhere you go. So it is more common for you to bump into someone who also has his/her cell phone.

It gets even better; NetWorq app allows you to design easily professional looking Digital E-Cards. You can then share the e-card via SMS, email or on social media. NetWorq app takes it even further; it also has an events section within the app, which allows you to share events that you are attending automatically with your network.

“Now think about it, doesn’t NetWorq App gives you more options than the conventional paper business cards,” Anie adds.

Other features include:

#1 – Social Media Integration

#2 – Ability to synch smartphone calendar events into the app

#3 – Ability to Create Events on the App and share with your network including social media platforms. From the event, all contacts that RSVP’d for the event have the ability to exchange business cards before the event or at the event by simply clicking the digital e-card.

#4 – Real-time stream to show you which events places are nearby in cities like New York, Munich, Berlin, Nigeria and Ghana.

NetWorq App will also import information from Twitter, Facebook as well as contacts from the user’s smartphone. The app allows users to connect with the event attendees on social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

To join the 35,000+ others who have already downloaded the app, visit:

You can also follow Anie Akpe on Twitter at @AnieAkpe