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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Her Photos Went Viral, and Now Every Modeling Agency Wants to Sign Her!

Anok Yai

Photo credit: @thesunk

Plymouth, NH — Several photos of Anok Yai, a New Hampshire college student, have gone viral on social media and now every model agency in the country wants to sign her.

Anok is from Sudan but grew up in the Manchester, New Hampshire area. She is a sophomore at Plymouth State University where she is studying biochemistry.

Because of her beautiful dark skin, she stands out. In fact, she stands out so much that one photographer, known as @thesunk, noticed her at this year’s Howard University Homecoming and thought she was “stunning.”

He started snapping shots of her and posting them on his Instagram page, and the photos instantly went viral with thousands of likes and shares.

In fact, Anok’s photos have gone so viral that three modeling agencies have already reached out to her. She told reporters that she has always been interested in fashion and art, but never believed that she could actually be a model.

To see more photos, follow Anok Yai on Instagram at @anokyai