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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Anthony Fisher — African American Pilot, Author, and Registered Nurse — Wants to Inspire Black Youth Across America

Anthony Fisher, author of Against the Odds

Anthony Fisher, author of Stacked Against the Odds

Jacksonville, FL — The first African American to become Director of Undergraduate Skills Lab at a private university seeks to give back to communities. Our youth are crying out for help! Many of them are at a disadvantage due to single parenting; poor educational systems; and role models who are not giving back to their communities. Usually children emulate what they observe but if they don’t see a positive role model in their local community, it’s difficult for our youth to believe that they can achieve success.

Learn how this poor African-American country boy, who was raised in the projects, was given the privilege to fly a $30 million-dollar aircraft. But not only did he become an esteemed helicopter pilot-in-command, he also became an author, registered nurse and motivational speaker. He has a remarkable story and wants to impart his knowledge into young African American males so they can believe in their dreams even if they are Stacked Against the Odds. In his new book, entitled just that, he wants to share his story and inspire our youth.

He believes nothing can stop you. Having a positive mind-set, coupled with the right attitude can propel anyone to greater heights. He shares his incredible life story of perseverance and being raised on the farm to becoming one of the best pilots in America. His story has changed the lives of many young men across America.

He has received numerous awards to include: Senior Aviation Badge, two-Air Medals, a Meritorious Service Medal, and numerous others awards and decorations.

Mr. Fisher was featured on the WJXT Channel 4 Morning Show in Jacksonville, FL to tell his story of triumph.

His book is available for purchase on Amazon.com


About the Author
Anthony has a life of servitude. After a successful aviation career, he transitioned into the medical field and became a registered nurse. He is currently pursuing his Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Certification and will graduate with another MSN in 2019.

In his book, Anthony explains how to overcome any obstacle when Stacked Against the Odds and shows how to use a positive attitude to change your environment.


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