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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Supporting Black-Owned Businesses Just Got Easier!

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Anthony Kojo Darden

Anthony Kojo Darden, co-founder of D & D Enterprise Group LLC

Nationwide — The D & D Enterprise Group LLC (D&DEG), owned by Anthony Kojo Darden, a long-time business and community activist and his wife Carolyn Dara Darden, published author and educator, just launched the Directory of Black-Owned Businesses and Organizations (The Directory). It is the preemptive website to promote, house and showcase Black-owned businesses and organizations. Their slogan – “We Built the Pyramids! Together We Can Build Your Business!” represents their commitment to the concept of Ujima – collective work and responsibility.”

The Directory will provide African-American merchants and organizations with an opportunity to advertise, and network together to promote Ujamaa, cooperative economics, through a proactive internet presence. The group providing this resource will work to grow Black-owned businesses and rigorously promote the creation of earning opportunities, increase and recycle the flow of revenue within the Black communities, and expand exposure opportunities for existing Black businesses.

The genesis of The Directory began when brother Darden, who considers himself a Black nationalist, and prefers to always spend his money in his own community. Living in Detroit, Michigan, a predominantly Black/African American city without a means to discern who was of African descendant and who was not, became a real concern to him. After years of mulling it over, becoming more frustrated waiting for somebody else to start something, he finally decided to do it himself.

Being an ole school brother, the initial plan was to be a hand-held book-like directory. Getting subscribers was difficult. Strangely enough, Detroit Black business owners contacted by Mr. Darden didn’t want to associate themselves with a “Black” directory, fearing their white customers would be lost to them (even though they had none). But Mr. Darden persevered resulting in an unsuccessful newspaper style directory. It made him realized how much advertising had changed over the years.

He came to understand that the traditional approach of just getting the word out was not enough. D&DEG needed an engine that would generate meaningful, action oriented efforts that would produce “tangible results.” A unique and tangible combination of virtual promotions and interactive media offering the community a comprehensive approach to marketing was needed. The Darden’s felt like a vibrant web-based advertising media was essential for Black businesses and organizations in today’s market in order to prosper. Businesses need to have the opportunity to submit special ads and promotions for regular e-blasts to their current customers and to expand their customer base by attracting new consumers.

The Directory will reach out to a diverse population to drive existing and new customers to businesses and attract potential members to organizations. National advertising will be used to generate a dynamic consumer base. Although The Directory was developed with small Black-owned businesses and organizations in mind. The owners are confident that this advertising portal will improve businesses and/or organizations, regardless of size.

The site offers on-line payment solutions which are securely within your control through PayPal. The Directory was designed for our mutual success. The rates are reasonable and customers have the option to participate in the Direct Pay Referral Program. The Directory will be rolled out the first week in June.

Don’t wait! Go to www.dobobo.com now to place your advertisement. Use the discount code Umoja to receive a 20% discount. Remember to seek out their Direct Pay Referral Program.


Anthony Kojo Darden