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Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Artist Yung Musa Lifts His Voice For His Latest Single “Black & Proud” With Accompanying Video/PSA

Yung Musa

Nationwide — Yung Musa’s new single “Black and Proud” (released through Soul Gemz Entertainment) is a black history tribute that is an introspective soul stirring look at the African American struggle.

African Americans have played a central role in shaping U.S. history. From slavery to the Great Migration, the civil rights movement and beyond. The song explores key moments, milestones and figures in Black History.

According to Yung Musa, his song “Black & Proud” was conceived by him as a message to everyone especially Black youth. He comments, “I wanted to deliver a powerful message as the lyrics proclaim. I’m Black & Proud Oh Yes I Am, I hope They Are Hearing Us Now, United We Stand Divided We Fall.”

The song mentions several recent high-profile cases such as George Floyd and Brianna Taylor.
In spite of it all, Yung Musa says we are a strong resilient race of people who have learned to overcome huge obstacles.

Watch the video:

The single will release to major streaming platforms such as iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and other platforms. Major brands are eager to work with the Black & Proud project as future events are currently being planned, with the focus on uplifting through music.

For more information, contact https://linktr.ee/soulgemzent or text/call 718-269-6359 or send an email to soulgemzent@gmail.com