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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Black Author Shocked, Book Publisher Prints a Photo of Hitler Inside His Memoir With Nazi Symbols on Every Page

Ash Cash's book with Hitler teachings inside

Nationwide — Ash Cash Exantus, an African American author from Harlem, New York City, and one of the top financial educators in the country, was completely caught off guard when he learned from a shocking Instagram video that one of his customers received a copy of his book with a photo of Adolf Hitler inside and Nazi symbols printed on every page. The memoir, entitled From The Block to The Bank: How to Make the Most of Your Circumstance to Maximize Your Full Potential, was apparently misprinted by the publisher, Lulu Direct, with the correct book cover… but the wrong book inside.

Ash Cash says that he was speechless when the customer sent him the video which has since gone viral. He comments, “I am a respected scholar and educator that promotes Black entrepreneurship and Black excellence. It is a hurtful slap in the face that my book somehow got confused with another book promoting Hitler’s teachings and philosophies. Even more, why is Lulu even publishing racist books like this in the first place?”

Lulu Direct touts itself as a self-publishing solution that enables authors, creators, businesses, and publishers to take advantage of direct-to-consumer sales, combined with the ease and flexibility of print-on-demand. But Ash Cash says that what has recently happened is “an unaccepted nightmare.”

He comments, “I don’t even believe that this happened by accident. I think it was intentional because I just can’t understand how one of the country’s largest publishers of independent books could make the mistake of inserting racist material about a man notorious for destroying and exterminating humanity into my book. This is a slap in the face for Black authors, entrepreneurs, and professionals from all over the world.”


Ash Cash is more than a personal finance expert. He is a financial motivator best known for his culturally responsive approach to teaching financial literacy to the Black community. His gift is helping people maximize their full potential by giving them the inspiration, tools, and resources needed to live their best lives. A four-time best-selling author, his new memoir, From The Block To The Bank, is a true story of how a young man born into a low-income family used his circumstances to change the trajectory of his family and community.

The book was written to encourage individuals that feel like options are limited to believe that it is their current circumstances that make their options unlimited. For years now, Ash Cash has been a prominent advocate on a mission to bridge the wealth gap by teaching economic empowerment and financial literacy to marginalized communities.

Ash Cash is hoping that his followers will continue to buy and support his book but he is advising them to just buy it on Amazon instead to make sure they don’t get one of the misprinted, insulting copies.

Please watch and share the video:
Click here to view the horrific moment when it was discovered that the book had been misprinted with offensive, racist material.

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