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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Founder of Black-Owned Travel Company Celebrates 10 Years of Creating Over 600 Global Travel Experiences to 108 Countries

Ashley N. Company, founder of Jelani Travel

NationwideAs Jelani Travel marks its 10th year of operation, the company has curated over 600 travel experiences, visited 108 countries, explored 6 continents, and ventured into 35 states. The celebration reflects a decade of commitment to fostering cultural understanding and social impact. Since its inception, the woman and veteran owned company has been dedicated to reimagining Africa for people of African descent, leading epic journeys to many countries and leaving an indelible mark. Brands such as Google, Mailchimp, Lyft, Uber, and more have charted unique speaking and travel experiences for their workforce, curated by Founder and CEO, Ashley N. Company.

Jelani Travel stands out as the ultimate vacation with a purpose, emphasizing self-care, service, culture, and adventure. “I’ve traveled three continents with Jelani Travel and every destination has been amazing but my experience being able to travel throughout Africa has been life changing. I find myself feeling refreshed, more creative, and more present each time I return from a trip and use it as a staple in my annual self care regime,” stated traveler and executive leader, Meagan Lemelle. Participants engage in service activities while experiencing trips in ways previously unimaginable. The company works in tandem with the nonprofit organization Jelani Gives, aiming to empower the next generation by providing educational and cultural opportunities to Black youth. The organization envisions a world where Black American youth have access to culturally competent learning experiences that expand their understanding of history and develop their leadership capacity.

Ms. Company is the founder and driving force behind these initiatives, stemming from a remarkable journey that led her to master a foreign language and make a bold departure from her corporate career at a Fortune 50 company. Company has a deep passion for educating others on the power of radical and soul deepening self care. She sees travel as the ultimate outlet to experience freedom and a sense of belonging. Those burnt out from work and life are offered a bonding and heart opening moment with Company and others. Company’s purpose lies in helping others live a more authentic life filled with connection and adventure.

With 108 countries visited, an Amazon best selling activity book, “Travel-ish” and 10 years dedicated to cultural immersion and service trips, Company has become a sought-after keynote speaker, captivating audiences with talks on solo travel, women in entrepreneurship, social impact, and cultural identity.

“Travel is freedom personified. Intentional travel liberates us because it heals layers within us that we may not even know need attention. I know this is true because travel saved my life. As I reflect on the last decade, what I know for sure is that the transformative power of travel has left a profoundly positive impact on my clients and community,” stated Company.

As part of their 10-year celebration, media outlets are invited to feature Ashley N. Company on your show. With her wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and cultural exchange, she is available for insightful discussions on topics ranging from solo travel and living abroad to social impact.

About Jelani Travel
Jelani Travel is a woman and veteran owned travel company dedicated to providing curated experiences for Black travelers, reimagining Africa, and fostering cultural understanding. Learn more at GoJelaniTravel.com

About Jelani Gives
Jelani Gives is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded by Ashley N. Company, committed to empowering underserved youth through cultural exploration and educational opportunities. Explore more at JelaniGives.org

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Join in celebrating a decade of Jelani Travel’s impactful journey, empowering travelers and communities around the world.