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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Michigan Teen Awarded $330K in Scholarships Plans to Attend an HBCU

Ashton Brand

Nationwide — Ashton Brandon, a 17-year-old African American teen from Flint, Michigan who has so far received $330,000 in scholarships, has decided to attend Morehouse College, an HBCU in Atlanta.

Brandon has applied to 20 colleges and universities and has so far been accepted to 6 of them including St. John’s University, Drexel University, Loyola, and Eastern Michigan University.

However, he has already chosen to attend Morehouse College where he will study Psychology and Sociology. He dreams to participate in the study abroad program and become a global traveler someday.

Brandon, who is an International Academy of Flint senior, does not only excel academically. He also serves as an editor in the school’s journalism program, the captain of the Robotics team, a sports commentator during basketball season, and the Vice President of the National Honors Society. He also has an after-school job.

Brandon credits his success to his parents, who he said pushed him to read more and supported him throughout his studies. He also participated in a mentorship program called Big Brother Big Sister, where he met his mentor Quentin Love in 2016 and has since become friends.

“We go through a lot of social anxiety, insecurities, and pressure to succeed on a journey of self-discovery,” Brandon told Flintside. “All we need is for our issues to be validated and considered, while also guiding us through.”