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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Atlanta’s First Black Owned LGBT “Blogazine” Launches Kickstarter Campaign, Seeks to Raise $10K

Founders of Gaye Magazine

Dominic Gaye and K. Keith
Photo Credit: PopUp Production/Brandon Victrum

Nationwide — Gaye Magazine is the first Black-owned LGBT publication in Atlanta, GA to structure their business model as a blogazine, which is a unique fusion of a blog and a magazine. The company is privately owned and operated by two black gay men, Dominic Gaye, 25, and Korey McRae aka K. Keith, 24.

This independent publication has recently launched a campaign on Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects to be brought to life by direct supporters in hopes to raise $6K – $10K by Dec. 13th to produce bi-monthly digital issues for 2020. Gaye Magazine is asking for people to pledge their support of $1 or more to their campaign to help bring LGBT representation forward in mainstream media.

Dominic began the magazine as a simple school project and he later dropped everything in his hometown in Virginia to move to Atlanta. His dream of shifting LGBT culture forward by reaching people who have little to no voice within the community officially began. Though plenty of stories and cool features were published digitally online after his move, Dominic struggled to get eyes on his publication consistently to make a profit.

Fast forward two years later, Dominic partners with Korey McRae, a recent journalism graduate of Georgia State University. Together, they re-branded Gaye Magazine as a “blogazine”, which uses the power of social media to attract people to trending topics instead of using the traditional marketing strategies of competing magazines.

Now, with over two hundred thousand weekly impressions on Instagram and a loyal following, whom they call the #Gayes, their unique blogazine strategy mixed with Gaye’s niche lens has already began attracting the attention of notable LGBT celebrities and influencers in the community, such as Amiyah Scott, Billy Porter, Don Lemon, TS Madison, Tokyo Stylez, Angelica Ross, Big Freedia, Lee Daniels and more!

Gaye currently reports all things LGBT from daily news, celebrity gossip, trending topics and funny videos/memes representing black queer culture. But once reaching their goal on Kickstarter, they plan to elevate their brand by releasing bi-monthly digital issues, which will include entertainment news, fashion, travel, lifestyle articles and features of various upcoming stars, entrepreneurs and celebrities within the LGBTQ community.

Gaye’s current team consist of dedicated young African American men and women, some identify as Trans or non-binary, while others are LGBT allies. They’re currently looking to add a new, diverse group of people to the team to help take the platform to the next level.

The success of the magazine stems from its unique community-based focus. From every writer to every reader, to every feature, Gaye’s mission is to embrace everyone everywhere to help educate, entertain, and empower through a positive platform. Gaye aims to place rising stars in the limelight because every step forward for one is a step forward for all. Learn more about this amazing duo and pledge your support to Gaye Magazine’s initiative by clicking here. Be sure to follow Gaye Magazine on Instagram: @gayemagazine

To learn more and to watch an infomercial of their campaign, a link to Gaye Magazine’s Kickstarter landing page is provided below:

For additional photos and statements, please email Korey at info@gayemagazine.com