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Thursday, October 26, 2017

“For Only a Season” Author Returns With New Offering

— “Running In Plain Sight” by Charles R. Butts, Jr. is a collection of short stories. —

Charles Butts, author of Running in Plain Sight & Other Short Stories

Charles Butts, author of Running in Plain Sight & Other Short Stories

Norcross, GA — Last year, author Charles R. Butts, Jr. caught the attention of readers with his first novel, For Only A Season, a treasure of interesting family members, centered around main character Scooter Flood.

This year, the author with a knack for storytelling returns with a collection of short stories entitled, Running in Plain Sight. Each story has its own unique and thought-provoking plot, including:

Running In Plain Sight

In 1902, in Attapulgus, Georgia, ten year old Leander Sills Jr’s life was forever changed by the brutal murder of his parents. After retaliating, he’s forced to flee, grow up and try to stay a step ahead of those seeking vengeance.

If All Minds Are Clear

Brantley Wilkerson II is a young minister on the rise. Charming, handsome and charismatic, he’s returned from seminary and is a couple of weeks away from being named successor to his pastor, mentor and future father-in-law, Reverend Solomon Cousins. But when threatened by a past indiscretion, will he reach his dream, or will he fall from grace?


P. Randall Spires, an albino, can’t shake the pain of being disowned by his father at eighteen. Now forty-eight, and a successful securities trader living in Seattle, he yearns to exorcise the nightmare that continues to haunt him.

A Balanced Imbalance

After another failed suicide attempt, Zachary Price just wants the pain to end. Living with Bipolar Disorder, cycling from the highest heights of mania to the darkest depths of depression is no way to live! With everything to live for, is he willing to give his doctor, his medications and therapy one more try, or end it all for good?

Running In Plain Sight & Other Stories is the second book written by Charles R. Butts Jr, a former soldier and postal employee for over thirty-three years. Charles hopes to not only inspire and entertain, but to also provoke thought in the reader.

“Four entertaining and gripping stories! A must have for every bookshelf or reading device!”

For more information about events, or to read excerpts and chapters from the blog, go to www.charlesrbuttsjr.com

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Twitter: www.twitter.com/Charlesrbuttsjr
Instagram: www.instagram.com/Charlesr.butts/


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