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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Author/ Speaker Mack Hines Releases New Book on White Teachers and Black Students

Mack Hines, author of White Teachers, Black Students

Mack Hines, author of “White Teachers, Black Students”

Prosper, TX — Noted African American scholar and intellectual Mack T. Hines III has written a book that focuses on facilitating white teachers’ success with African American students. The book is entitled, White Teachers, Black Students: In The Spirit of Yes to African American Student Achievement available on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

In this book, Hines addresses the question, “Can white teachers teach Black children?” His response to this question begins with a historical look at the history of white racism.

He continues with linking this history to white teachers’ approaches to African American students. Hines concludes his thoughts with a series of frameworks to be used white teachers to effectively respond to the needs of African American children.

A review of the book is described in this way:

Passionately written. Provocatively argued. “White Teachers, Black Students” forces you to think about what is happening in classrooms all throughout the country. Whether you agree entirely with Hines or not, it doesn’t matter. The read is worthwhile. — Eddie Glaude Jr., William S. Tod Professor of Religion and African American Studies, Princeton University


About Mack Hines III
Mack T. Hines III is a sought after consultant and speaker, widely known and regarded for his dynamic, down-to-earth approaches and strategies in the areas of African American student success and the incorporation of racial and cultural diversity into classrooms. For more details, visit his web site at www.mackthines.com


Mack T. Hines III