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Monday, February 15, 2016

Black Entrepreneur Invents New Shoes That Redefine the Efficiency of Owning High-Top Sneakers

Baba Afolabi

Baba Afolabi, entrepreneur and designer of the SuRu Unlace Sneaker

Oakland, CA — Sneaker lovers looking for the next cool unisex sneaker now have an incredible opportunity to contribute to a new Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of the SuRu Unlace Sneaker.

Anyone who has ever worn high-top sneakers knows there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to lace it when in a hurry. The SuRu Unlace Sneaker is designed for efficiency, comfort and functionality, without compromising quality and style. It is made from soft, high quality nappa leather and features a vulcanized rubber sole. Comfort is further optimized with a super plush cloth lining. Getting into the shoes is effortless. It features a YKK metal zipper back closure, facilitating easy on and off without ever touching the strong, flexible laces.

SuRu Unlace Sneaker is the brainchild of apparel designer and owner of the SuRu brand, Baba Afolabi. For years SuRu has been producing quality clothing and has developed a loyal customer base. The SuRu Unlace Sneaker is a strategic move to increase the company’s product offerings.

Discussing the motivation behind the sneaker design, Afolabi said: “I was traveling through Southeast Asia in search of a manufacturer for my new apparel company. All my 3 shoes for the trip were high tops. By the end of my trip, I noticed how irritable it was to lace and unlace high-top shoes. So, I designed a sneaker that is very comfortable, efficient and stylish by adding a zipper on its back.”

The SuRu Unlace Sneaker is available in black; however, if the campaign goal is met early, SuRu will launch a stretch goal to offer more color options.

SuRu has a campaign goal of $10,300. Anyone can back the project with as little as $10. But individuals who want the sneaker can back the project with $69. The sneaker is a unisex sneaker and available in size 3 to 14. There are options for pack of 2, 3, 4 and wholesaler’s option with a pack of 10 costing $590. For further information or to back the project, please visit: www.kickstarter.com/projects/suruclothing/suru-unlace-sneaker/

For more details about SuRu Clothing, visit www.suruclothing.com


Baba Afolabi