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Monday, July 18, 2016

International Headwrap Expo and Fashion Show Coming to Motown This Fall

— This unique event will be held at September 25, 2016 at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Michigan from 1pm to 8pm. —


Detroit, MI — Head wrapping is a global art enjoyed by women and men of diverse backgrounds for many reasons – health, spirituality and religious, modesty, or just fashion. From celebrities to CEO’s such as Alicia Keys and India Arie to H&M Sikh Model, Waris Alhuwalia, Oyenike Okundaye, CEO of the Nike Center for Arts and Culture, Osogbo, Africa and Ayesha Mustafa, Editor-in-Chief of The Muslim Journal. Wrapping it up is all the craze.

Beautifully Wrapped is an international, interfaith multi-media project that brings together people of all cultures and ethnicities to showcase the art form of head wrapping as a way to promote beauty, spiritual identity and holistic health and healing. The mission is to endeavor, inspire, enlighten, and empower individuals of all walks of life through education, publications, media, and fashion.

Zarinah El-Amin Naeem, founder of the event, which is in its fourth year, is a cosmic delegate with an all-embracing background. Not only has she been a missionary in countries such as Sierra Leone, but has also traveled the world speaking about the importance of the feminine voice in the marketplace. You could say that her feminist stance is through the art and history of the wrap. “The act of wrapping is like the building of courage, strength, spirituality, and love all at once. With each fold, tuck or pull of the cloth, you become beautifully-wrapped in a sense of inner strength and a higher purpose.”

Beautifully Wrapped will present the nation’s most centrally centered Headwrap Expo & Fashion Show, September 25, 2016 at the Ford Community & Performing Arts Center in Dearborn, Michigan from 1pm to 8pm. Vendors, fashion designers, stylists, models, attendees, and cultural historians from London to New York, from the streets of Somalia, Dubai, and Detroit, will be in the Motor City for this head wrapping fest!

“Headwrapping is now booming in the United States fashion industry and the Headwrap Expo is a one-of a kind experience. There is a magic in wrapping, one that many spiritual and cultural groups across the globe have tapped into for centuries. Our team has produced this event the past three years because people are hungry for live events that inspire, motivate, excite and ignite. Plus, we’re building love in humanity, one wrap at a time,” says Zarinah.

Men and women come together for a day of shopping, fashion, styling, makeovers, cultural talks, and much more. In the past three years, the Headwrap Expo has been a day that celebrated both the growing multi-ethnic scarf styling industry and global cultural phenomenon of adorning the head with cloth. Male attendees enjoyed the martial arts demonstrations, interfaith discussions, several fashion shows showcasing how men have a voice in the head wrap game, and one-on-one instructions of the turban. 2016 will feature Segun Gele, CNN covered Nigerian Gele artist from Texas who along with showcasing his skills, will lead a special workshop on the Business of Cultural Fashion.

Female attendees have enjoyed cultural workshops on adornment, hair care and wellness, and tons of shopping from unique vendors from across the country. Special workshops were added for women dealing with hair loss from cancer or other ailments and women who want to implement covering in their corporate environment.

The Headwrap Expo is a well-rounded international, educational, networking and entertainment experience, going down in Motown, this September. To become a vendor, sponsor or designer for the conference, log onto www.headwrapexpo.com.

For more information about Zarinah El-Amin Naeem or for press inquiries about the event, contact Jenny Triplett, Dawah International, LLC at 678-389-2646.


Jenny Triplett
Dawah International, LLC