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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Black Beverly Hills Apparel Brand is Being Sued by The Beverly Hills Hotel

Black Beverly Hills, a luxury street wear brand, is being sued by The Beverly Hills
Hotel for trademark infringement.

Black Beverly Hills

Los Angeles, CA — Black Beverly Hills is no stranger to lawsuits in the city of Beverly Hills. The first lawsuit was filed by the City of Beverly Hills where Robert China Berry Jr. had to defend his company from the city. The City wanted to shut him down based on the name of his company as well as an alleged case of trademark infringement. Black Beverly Hills settled the case by only having to tweak its logo to stay in business.

Now, The Beverly Hills Hotel is suing Mr. Berry and Black Beverly Hills for alleged trademark infringement. Mr. Berry feels this is a pattern and that he is being singled out because of the name of his business and what it represents to the urban community in Los Angeles. “The reason for our design was to pay homage to the famous black architect Paul Revere Williams who designed the Polo Lounge, Crescent Wing, and the hotel’s signage. It is not our intent to infringe,” Berry said.

The Beverly Hills Hotel is operated by the Dorchester Group and is owned by Brunei Investment
Agency (BIA), an arm of the Ministry of Finance of Brunei. The Dorchester group has been
protested for more than three years because the oil-rich sultan said he would introduce
Shariah law in Brunei with penalties, including death, for homosexuality. The Sultan,
one Hassanal Bolkiah, oversees the small but vastly wealthy country of Brunei, where Sharia law
has been implemented. As Wehoville points out, this would allow the country of Brunei to
sentence gay and lesbian people to be stoned to death, among other atrocities – with occasional
protests that include actors and activists as diverse as Jay Leno, Ellen DeGeneres, Richard
Branson, and John Legend.

“I think this is a case of big corporations trying to bully small businesses and force them to do what they say. “I complied with The Beverly Hills Hotel’s requests, however, it wasn’t enough
for them. If I let them control what I do, then I’m unable to be creative,” Berry added.

Mr. Berry believes that this case is a form of bullying when all he wanted to do was create a timeless piece of clothing. The Beverly Hills Hotel alleges that his use of trademark brings a negative image to their hotel and may have possibly caused damage to their brand and identity. In the lawsuit they claim trademark infringement, dilution, and a violation of California’s unfair competition law. Mr. Berry believes he may have actually helped the hotel and may have even made the hotel money by introducing them to an audience that was unfamiliar with them before.

The trial date has not been set, but Mr. Berry wants this whole issue put behind him so he can focus on helping and inspiring his community.


About Black Beverly Hills
Black Beverly Hills is not only a brand, but also a neighborhood in Los Angeles, CA, that is inspired by the Luxury Lifestyle that is led by the people. We at Black Beverly Hills are inspired and committed to meet the fashion demands of the urban good life that is around us. Expressing our vision through the finest garments and limited designs that most importantly represents the community. For more details, visit www.blackbh.com or follow them on Instagram at @BlackBeverlyHills


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