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Friday, February 23, 2024

Black Chambers Across Florida Gather in Tallahassee For 3rd Annual Black Chamber Day

Florida Black Chambers

Nationwide — On February 5th, 2024, the Florida Association of Black Chambers of Commerce kicked off its third annual Black Chamber Day at the Capitol in Tallahassee. The attendees were welcomed with a reception and performance by a live band, Tallahassee Nights, and then started their day of advocacy on February 6th.

Some studies show that Florida is the third best place in the nation for black businesses. “Black Chamber Day is where our business leaders, chamber presidents, and business owners come to be educated on how the process works, how to access the funds flowing through the state’s coffers, as well as connecting with the people that are responsible for allocating those funds,” stated Shaheewa Jarrett Gelin, Esq., the founder of the Florida Association of Black Chambers of Commerce and Broward County Black Chamber of Commerce.

The event was sponsored by Florida Prepaid College Savings Plans, FPL’s BE PowerFL, and BBIF and featured speakers including the Secretary of FloridaCommerce J. Alex Kelly, the Director of the Office of Small & Minority Business Capital for FloridaCommerce, the CEO of Visit Florida Dana Young, and incoming Florida House Speaker Danny Perez. Senator Thompson discussed the planning process for a museum focused on African American History in Florida and the economic impact of this new institution. The attendees also heard from elected officials who sit on the Senate Committee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development as well as the House Committee on Infrastructure & Tourism. Between speakers, chamber presidents, and their members visited their elected officials to discuss appropriations and policy.

Florida is home to over 380,000 Black-owned businesses and Black Chamber Day at the Capitol focuses on advocacy for resources for these black businesses and the chambers that support them. The Florida Association of Black Chambers of Commerce plans to ensure that our entrepreneurs are met with fertile ground so that they can continue to contribute to job growth and have an even larger economic impact.

The 4th Annual Black Chamber Day at the Capitol will be held in March 2025. Learn more at FloridaBlackChambers.com

For press inquiries, contact sgelin@FloridaBlackChambers.com or 954-419-6557.