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Monday, August 17, 2020

New Black Comedy Podcast “Say What?” to Launch Live on ROKU

The 45-minute podcast, produced by an African American owned streaming service called Applause Network TV, Inc., will be hosted by actor/comedian Camari Brown.

Camari Brown

New York, NY — Applause Network TV, Inc. will live stream a new comedy podcast called Say What? on Roku September 3, 2020, at 7:30 pm EST. The podcast consists of three panelists made up of two comedians and one guest participant who guess which quotes were made by celebrities resulting in hilarious-nostalgic commentary and opinions. This podcast is perfect for social distancing and sure to be a favorite among social media entertainment fans.

Say What? will be hosted by actor/comedian Camari Brown known for appearances on Law & Order SVU, The Backlist, and his role as the maintenance man on the hit show Checked Inn on the OWN network. Camari has written, directed, and starred in the Thugtastic comedy skits currently featured on Applause Network TV’s Roku app. You may also recognize his voice as the voice over artist featured on many commercials from top brands as well as various Netflix series.


About Applause Network TV, Inc.
A New York Corporation founded by Regina Braggs in 2010, Applause Network TV is an African American owned streaming service providing original entertainment through live and video content. Check out the Say What? live podcast and other content by adding Applause Network TV’s Roku channel and following and liking Applause Network TV on Facebook at Facebook.com/OfficialANTV


Regina D. Braggs