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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Black Couple, Owners of Natural Skin Care Brand Open 6,300 Sq Ft Warehouse and Hire 35 Employees

Terran and Quinton Lewis, founders of Herb ‘N Eden, a Black-owned natural skincare retailer based in the Atlanta area, have expanded their operations to help customers stay healthy during the pandemic.

Terran and Quinton Lewis, founders of Herb N Eden

Nationwide — With five years of growth and a global pandemic under their belt, Herb ‘N Eden is more prepared now than ever to usher herbal skincare into 2021. In fact, preparation is a key focus as advice for their customers and their business strategy going forward.

“When you treat herbs as part of your everyday life instead of just as medicine, you keep your body fortified and ready to fight off whatever is thrown at you. Even in a pandemic,” explained co-founder Terran Lewis.

But no one was prepared for the coronavirus pandemic. As thousands of orders poured in over the summer of 2020 from consumers looking to fight bacteria the natural way, Herb ‘N Eden struggled like most businesses looking to continue with production as quickly and safely as possible. The underfunded postal service made that all the more difficult.

“Shipping was horrible. We had to make it right for our customers and cover their shipping for a month,” co-founder (and Terran’s husband) Quinton Lewis explained. “Our customers deserve the best product and delivery and they were really patient with us through the growing pains and things that were out of our control. We wouldn’t have been able to grow without them, and we owe it to them to get better.”

Now Herb ‘N Eden is armed with 35 employees and a 6,300 sq ft warehouse for production and storage to keep the shelves of their Douglassville, Georgia (metro Atlanta) store stocked. With new equipment and more customer support systems in place, Herb ‘N Eden is ready to supply the world with high-quality herbal skincare.

For more details and/or to place an order, visit their official web site at HerbNEden.com

Watch their story below:

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