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Friday, March 4, 2022

Black Doctor-Owned Vitamin & Wellness Company, 50% of Profits go to Eradicating Health Disparities in Black Communities

Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel, co-founder of Pro Blk Health

Nationwide — Co-Founders Darian McDaniel and Dr. Karleena Tuggle-McDaniel started Problk Health Vitamins for two main reasons – first, to act as a vehicle spotlighting health awareness by encouraging and increasing health consciousness in the Black community where it is often not prioritized. And secondly, to work toward eradicating health disparities in Black communities by donating 50% of net profits to support existing non-profits whose goals are to improve health and wellness in majority Black communities.

Dr. Karleena has been a physician for over 16 years in predominantly minority communities, and a weight loss surgeon for the past 11 years. Constantly seeing patients who have health issues that are often preventable or controllable with improved lifestyle modifications, She wanted to do something that most people had access to, could afford, and would be able to do on an almost daily basis that positively contributed to their overall health.

Co-Founder Darian, with 20 years of marketing experience, suggested vitamin supplements since at least 92% of Black people have some level of vitamin deficiency and medical research has shown that these deficiencies can contribute to health issues. He comments, “We combined that idea with a pitch on Shark Tank where a company donates a portion of profits to benefit marine life. We thought, if they could do that for fish, we could definitely do something similar for Black people. Voila… Problk Health Vitamins was born.”

In addition to their vitamins & supplements being made and designed of the highest quality, following the national safety guidelines and certifications, 50% of the profits will go to non-profits that work towards eradicating health disparities in Black communities.

Dr. Karleena comments, “What makes us different from other supplements is that we help support your individual health while supporting the health of your community. How many other vitamin brands can say the same? We also aim to make health and wellness relatable and cool to encourage more people who may not be thinking about it to make it a priority.”

“We wholeheartedly believe that our health is our most valuable asset. Since we only get one shot at this thing called life, let’s make the most of it. The status of our health can hold us back with unfulfilled dreams or boost us to heights we could never imagine possible. At the end of the day, we all have the power to optimize our potential,” she adds.

For more details about Problk Health Vitamins, visit ProBlkHealth.com

For press inquiries, contact dmac@problkheath.com