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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Black Former “Apprentice” Contestants Hold Controversial Press Conference to Blast Donald Trump

Black Apprentice Contestants

(left to right) former contestants on “The Apprentice” – Kwame Jackson, Tara Dowdell and Randal Pinkett

New York, NY — Randal Pinkett, winner of the fourth season of Donald Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice”, recently gathered with several other former contestants on the show to speak out against Trump’s run for president of the United States. Other participants that attended the Manhattan press conference were Kwame Jackson, runner-up from season one, Tara Dowdell from season three, and Marshawn Evans Daniels from season four (who appeared via Skype).

Pinkett made it clear that he disagrees with Trump’s views and the direction of his campaign. He commented, “As alums of The Apprentice, we have had the opportunity to work with Donald in various capacities, including as employees of the Trump Organization. Based on that experience and Donald’s campaign, we do not believe he is worthy of becoming president of the United States.”

Evans Daniels chimed in also, saying, “Trump is passionately and strategically reigniting a dirty and divisive culture soaked in a history of prejudice, fear and hate. It is unpatriotic, anti-American, self-serving, regressive and downright lazy.”

So what did Donald Trump have to say?

Trump answered their criticism by saying, “How quickly they forget. Nobody would know who they are if it weren’t for me. They just want to get back into the limelight like they had when they were with Trump. Total dishonesty and disloyalty… They should be careful or I’ll play hours of footage of them individually praising me. Ask how successful they’ve been since they left. Six failing wannabes out of hundreds of contestants – so sad!”

Watch the video below: