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Friday, May 28, 2021

Black-Owned Herbal Brand Introduces Revolutionary New Product to Overcome ED

Happy Black couple dealing with ED

NationwideLive Natural, a Black-owned herbal company that provides solutions to keep harmony in the bedroom, has launched a revolutionary new product for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction.

JR Scroggins started the company in 2011 and began marketing and selling his first product, Alpha RX Plus, which did so well among men aged 40-75 that he eventually sold the company to his manufacturer.

In 2018, Mr. Scroggins was given the opportunity to take his company over once again because of the trust and customer service he had developed. One of the much-appreciated features of the company was their semi-annual survey of customers. This gave the company the ability to gauge product quality and effectiveness. In addition, customers could report on services provided and contact response.

Customers also appreciated the company’s website providing little-known facts to African American consumers – facts like “Controlling erectile dysfunction can be considered a lifesaver.” According to medical reports, men with ED have an 80% risk of heart disease. Medical history has shown ED strikes 5%-10% of men by age 40, and around age 70, that number shoots up to 40%-60% of men (more than half) have ED.

Scroggins was extremely happy and proud when a minister’s wife wrote him to say, “You are really doing a good thing. You’re doing God’s work for men.” Scroggins picked up the phone and called this customer’s wife to express his appreciation and unawareness of how customers saw him and his product.

In 2019, Live Natural launched Eve’s Alpha 8 for women providing a complimentary solution exclusively for the ladies in the bedroom.

Then around the end of 2020, Scroggins and Live Natural launched a revolutionary product for quickly controlling ED called Virility Candy – a marble-sized chocolate-coated hard candy that quickly melts in the mouth with water. Virility Candy comes in individual wrappers. This product appears from feedback to have longer-lasting residual effects.

Scroggins comments, “As a consumer of my products, I tend to agree with customer product assessment regarding Virility Candy.”

To learn about Live Natural products to provide harmony in the bedroom, visit Live-Natural-7.com

For press inquiries, contact JR Scroggins at jr@live-natural-7.com or 877-500-5959.