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Tuesday, December 8, 2020

New Black-Owned Line of Stylish Waist Trainers Launches with Reality Star Amara La Negra

In Summer 2020, Hanna Sanchez, the Afro-Latina founder of Waist Forever, launched her company and within six months has already achieved six figures in revenue.

Amara La Negra's Waist Forever collection

NationwideWaist Forever, a Black-owned innovative fitness company, has launched a collection of unique waist trainers with celebrity Amara La Negra, who stars in VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. The waist trainers give women an instant hourglass figure, and with consistent use, it gives more permanent results by actually molding an hourglass shape.

The newly launched collection is floral in design and is ideal for people who want to achieve or enhance their hourglass figure while also supporting a good cause. Within the collection, there are three different styles, a waist trainer with one, two, or three straps. The Amara Maximillia: 1 Strap Waist Trainer Floral Beauty option offers wearers comfort, style, and can aid weight loss around the midsection.

Waist Forever says the neoprene compression can make the waistline look smaller and can be discreetly worn to the gym, work, or while running errands. The Amara Maximillia collection is designed to create a sauna effect that targets the midsection and core. This increases how much a person sweats during their workout, which can help to burn fat faster, reshape and reduce fat deposits, and support weight loss.

In addition, people who use waist trainers may experience back support through the firm tension control. This is useful for people with poor posture, hunched shoulders, or bad neck posture. The company offers a size guide on its website for interested parties who are unsure of the correct waist trainer to order as up to nine different sizes are available across the range.

For each unit sold, a percentage of the sales will go to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and Black Lives Matter (BLM). View the collection at WaistForever.com/collections/amara-la-negra

A High Quality Compression Board can also be purchased from Waist Forever and is designed to be worn under any tight girdle or body shaper designed to flatten the tummy. It is made of high-quality fibers produced during the company’s strict manufacturing process and aims to provide lightweight, soft, and durable comfort. It can help with postpartum inflammation or after aesthetic procedures.

Hanna Sanchez, the Afro-Latina founder of the company, comments, “Waist Forever is committed to helping women feel wonderful, but we are also passionate about giving back to the world around us. They are partnering with and supporting non-profit organizations focused on women and vulnerable populations by donating a portion of our profits, including through our new collection with Amara La Negra.”

To learn more about the company and/or to make a purchase, visit WaistForever.com

For press inquiries, contact 888-485-5456 x2 or press@waistforever.com