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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Black-Owned Company Announces New Innovative Products For Moms and More

— Snipple, LLC started out with a unique breastfeeding device for moms, but they have since expanded to other innovative ideas. —

Jamel Jones, CBO of Snipple LLC

Jamel Jones, co-creator and CBO of Snipple, LLC with a never seen before breastfeeding aid that helps with issues mothers may face in providing their baby with the best.

New York, NYSnipple started as a concept for a product to help moms looking for a way to breastfeed by making a device that aides the process whether the mothers concern is irritation, latching issues, teething, nursing twins, monitoring how much milk was consumed; and whatever is leftover can be saved for later and lastly, privacy. A short description of the device is: a suction-cup, with a distribution tube that connects to a small cylinder pump/housing for the milk that then connects to a pacifier-nipple. Also, it is important to mention how convenient the device will be for running out the door without much preparation.

The team at Snipple expanded into designs of other products, including underwear that makes it easier for busy moms to use the bathroom quickly and a highchair that has a tray that allows plates, bowls and cups to be screwed onto the tray to prevent accidental spills, along with shirts and bras for moms that allows the tube of the Snipple device to be comfortably routed through both garments to allow a quick connection and your baby feeding with no long setup hassle. Also, the shirts and bras will be fashionable and practical, so they will still be s great addition to wardrobe long after you have stopped nursing.

Their vision for Snipple is to become a brand that is a household name in infant care, because they understand the importance of producing quality products that’s safe for your baby with no harmful byproducts to anything they will offer.

Snipple is not just a company for moms, however. Founder and CEO, Kenny McIntosh, along with the rest of the Snipple team has also branched out into designs for technology products, including a patent-pending phone and a new kind of laptop as well as other projects in tech on the horizon, Along with Co-founder and CBO Jamel Jones who tirelessly offers financial services and is in the process of developing a hedge fund.

“We focus mainly on innovation rather than just one market, so you’ll see that we have products that might be targeted at moms, then we will jump to tech, fashion and back to moms,” explains Kenny. “We’ve always thought that we should be further along in what we had envisioned the future to be like when we imagined it 30 years ago, so we are working to help catch up to those ideas. “

While none of the products from Snipple are currently available for purchase, both founders are currently working on the prototypes and will be bringing them to a crowdfunding platform soon. In the meantime, future customers and investors who are interesting in learning more about the products and the Snipple business plan can find more information on their website, www.snippleus.com


About Snipple
Snipple is a company that conceives of, executes and brings to market innovative new ideas. The majority of their products are aimed at the breastfeeding mothers and women with toddlers but, definitely be on the look out for anything they have conceptualized to approach with a fresh eye on an old design. Also, the brand: Snipple will be an all around childcare brand that is looking to eventually offer all products that are associated with childcare companies from diapers, baby oil, infant clothing, potties and ultimately they have plans of having their own baby registry. Also, something to keep in mind about anything that they produce will have features that are unique from what’s out there now.


Kenny McIntosh