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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Black-Owned Virtual Coworking Welcomes Actor Kareem Grimes as Corporate Ambassador

The world’s first 24-hour virtual coworking community with built-in video conferencing has attracted the attention of ABC’s “Shark Tank”, Robert Herjavec, as well as celebrities and influencers seeking an alternative platform to Zoom.

Kareem Grimes, corporate ambassador of Virtual Coworking

Nationwide — The world’s first 24-hour, global virtual coworking community has announced Kareem Grimes, actor from the hit television series All American and S.W.A.T. as its first official Corporate Ambassador. Grimes, who is a tech entrepreneur and the founder of the popular FacePop app, will represent Virtual Coworking in a series of ads and host webinars on the platform as well. Individuals seeking a dynamic, safe, and supportive community where they can work, grow, and collaborate with others worldwide, can learn more at VirtualCoworking.community.

“I’m very excited to serve in the capacity of Corporate Ambassador for Virtual Coworking. The decision was easy because this platform is true to my brand—not to mention its Black-owned. I’m also in the tech space, so I know how to spot a disrupter. Virtual Coworking is definitely disrupting the coworking industry as we know it,” states Grimes.

The announcement regarding Kareem Grimes comes as Virtual Coworking premieres version 2.0 of its platform just eight weeks after its initial launch.

“We’re definitely on a fast track,” says Virtual Coworking co-founder, Matthew Newman. “We quickly realized there was no one else in this space and we proceeded to fill the void that was created when COVID-19 suspended face-to-face interaction.”

Within one month of launching, co-founders Matthew Newman and Olivia Jade have been featured on ABC’s Localish across the country and were even invited to meet with ABC’s Shark Tank, investor, Robert Herjavec— who offered sound business advice to the founders.

“It was an honor to be invited to sit with a Shark,” shares co-founder Olivia Jade. “We heeded Robert’s advice and continue to implement features that add value to our global, virtual coworking community.”

The two founders believe bringing actor/entrepreneur Kareem Grimes into the Virtual Coworking family is a definite value-add. Virtual Coworking members can look forward to gleaning from Kareem Grimes in the days and months ahead.

“I look forward to interacting with the Virtual Coworking community. I’m on the platform to learn, as well as share,” states Grimes.


About Virtual Coworking
Virtual Coworking is a global community where entrepreneurs collaborate and exchange expertise around the world 24/7. Virtual Coworking was founded in March of 2020 by Matthew Newman— the Founder of All In Coworking of Inglewood—and Olivia Jade Khoury, the Founder of ntflwr™ nomadic creative house for women. The two initially created Virtual Coworking as an alternative coworking environment as a result of COVID-19, but quickly realized the platform’s intrinsic, long-term value. Virtual Coworking consists of seven expertise suites as well as built-in video conferencing capabilities. Individuals can convene and collaborate safely, globally—and at any time, day or night. Membership is tiered and includes access to a global entrepreneurial mastermind, top-tier business leaders, a business directory, webinars, and special events. To join the community, visit VirtualCoworking.community.

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