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Thursday, January 18, 2024

Black Siblings, Financial Advisors Launch Program to Help Families Build Legacies That Last

Marcella and Mark Mollon

Nationwide — Meet Marcella Mollon-Williams and her brother Mark Mollon, the founders of The Family Legacy Experience™, the most comprehensive legacy planning program for African American families in the nation. It provides first-time six-figure earners with the education and resources needed to sustain multi-generational wealth.

The 12-month online program offers families in-depth coaching in money behavior, multi-generational wealth-building strategies, and estate planning principles. Marcella and Mark are the founders of Legacy Builder Group, a holistic coaching and investment firm located in the Washington, DC area.

The Family Legacy Experience is designed to take participants deeper into their purpose and elevate their ability to lead their family legacy. Through a series of modules, participants will explore various aspects of legacy planning, including family behavior coaching, communication and crest development, family foundation building, and legacy estate planning preparation.

“Building a lasting legacy requires more than just financial planning,” said Marcella, a Behavioral Financial Advisor. “We’ve created a unique approach for families to build and pass on both financial assets and intellectual assets that will elevate them and their descendants. Financial empowerment must come from the inside out, not the outside in.”

The Family Legacy Experience creates a purposeful ecosystem for individuals committed to leaving a powerful impact on their families and communities. By offering personalized coaching experiences in one-on-one, small group, and mastermind settings, participants will receive the best support and guidance to build the legacy they desire.

“This experience is about far more than money and finances,” adds Mark, a Financial Advisor. “We have created a blueprint for participants to design the life and legacy they truly desire for themselves and their families. It’s an invitation to elevate their lifestyle and create a powerful impact on their communities.”

This sibling duo are descendants of an entrepreneurial legacy going back five consecutive generations which equip them with an in-depth understanding of the mistakes families make in their personal and business financial planning.

To learn more about the Family Legacy Experience, visit its official website at FamilyLegacyExperience.com.

For press inquiries, contact info@legacybuildergroup.com or 301-249-2684.