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Monday, January 1, 2024

Black Triplet Sisters Make History, Graduate Together With Nursing Degree

Jean, Jeanet, and Jeanice Stephenson

Nationwide — The Stephenson triplets — Jean, Jeanet, and Jeanice — have made history after recently graduating together with nursing degrees from South University in Montgomery, Alabama. The sisters, who are now 23 years old, say they were inspired by their mom, who is also a nurse, to carry on their family tradition.

Growing up, the three siblings formed a close bond that extended into their academic pursuits. They said being triplets has its perks, especially when it comes to studying.

“If one person doesn’t know something, you can go to the other, and maybe they’ll explain it a little better,” Jeanice told WSFA.

“We motivate each other, help each other, make sure everyone is passing and learning at the same pace,” said Jean.

The triplets cherish the unique connection they share, tracing back to the day they were born.

“We’ve always shared everything: cars, clothes, rooms, bathrooms,” Jean added. “We were always very close because we shared everything.”

The trio also have fun with their identical looks which sometimes lead to amusing mix-ups. Teachers and students alike find it challenging to tell them apart.

“Sometimes we do play tricks on people,” said Jeanet. “We do get confused a lot.”

Moreover, after earning their nursing degree, the 3 sisters wanted to pursue different paths within nursing.  Jeanet aims for the ICU, Jean is interested in pediatrics or NICU, and Jeanice wants to do the ER. Despite that, they dream of working in the same hospital one day.