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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Black Speakers to Network and Learn How to Profit in the Industry Together

Brian J. Olds, Cover Story of Speakers Magazine, Inspiring Black Speakers To SPEAK UP!

Briand J. Olds on the cover of Speaker Magazine

Detroit, MI — Brian J. Olds, president and founder of Black Speakers Network, is the cover of the September Speakers Magazine. He is on a mission to equip, connect, and inspire the next generation of Black professional speakers. But it wasn’t something he saw coming.

“In 2006, I stood up in a small classroom to deliver my first presentation in Toastmasters; I was afraid. My sweaty palms trembled as I clenched my notes like a security blanket. I didn’t want to speak, but I knew I had to because instinctively I recognized that everything I wanted in life was waiting for me… just outside of my comfort zone. It was there that I discovered not only my passion for speaking but also my desire to create platforms to assist current and aspiring professional speakers in reaching the audience they were called to serve,” said Olds.

Brian J. Olds saw a gap in the marketplace, so he wanted to help current and aspiring black speakers gain clarity on their message, mission, their marketing, how to monetize and manage their speaking business to take it to the next level. He decided to start a Black Speakers Network (BSN) in 2016.

“As a speaker, marketing your business is essential. At BSN, we seek to create opportunities for our members by connecting them directly to top-level meeting planners and platform hosts that are in search of elite black professional speakers,” said Brian. BSN presence has grown organically – especially after he connected with Speakers Magazine’s publisher, Pam Perry in 2017.

Perry learned about BSN through Facebook and reached out to Olds. The two became fast friends because of their passion for Black speakers and the BSN group grew from almost 2,000 members to 10,000 today. Olds made Speakers Magazine the official magazine for Black Speakers Network – the September issue is the special BSN “takeover” issue.

“BSN members many took advantage of the special opportunity to be in this issue and we doubled the size of the magazine to 36 pages. The issue has embedded video on each page and speaker reels on the website of every speaker featured at SpeakersMagazine.net,” said Perry.

Olds also on a mission to collaborate with other speakers, spearheaded an anthology, entitled Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry, available through Black Speakers Network and on Amazon. It is consistently a best seller.

This year, BSN plans an inaugural global summit. “We are hosting a three-day action-packed event of industry experts to train aspiring speakers,” said Olds.

“The event is curated for professionals across all industries who want to reach the top of their speaking game and score major wins by tapping into expert secrets for unrivaled profitability,” said Olds.

Through workshops, expert Q&A panels, forums and networking, the BSN Global Summit attendees will discover crucial tools and rules, taught by experts, to carve their own path to profit in the speaking industry.

Brian says, “During our virtual event, attendees will gain exclusive insight on how to ignite their audience, seize opportunity, and generate demand for their message long after they leave the platform.”

To learn more about Black Speakers Network and their Summit or to get your copy of SPEAK UP! Visit BlackSpeakersNetwork.com.

Speakers featured in this issue include:
* Janet Autherine
* Tiffany Bethea
* LaShonda Bracey
* Rodney C Burris
* Brad Butler II
* Dr. Shirley Clark
* Dr. Larry Collier
* Dr. Triphi Margaret Wallace
* Tamisha Sales
* Freya Huffman
* Dr. Laura Louis
* Shar Halliburton
* Bianca J. Jackson
* Rhonda Jennifer
* Eddie L. Johnson
* Celeste Jonson
* Dawn Offei
* Alisha Thomas Morgan
* Tammi Morrison
* Lisa Ealey
* Kendra Thorpe
* Precious Williams
* Quinn Conyers
* Rasheda Kamaria Williams
* Nellie Wosu
* Rickie Burney

Black Speakers Network Global Summit is a virtual event taking place from October 9 to October 11 and will feature 21 BSN Speakers. Visit http://bit.ly/pamperrybsn to register and to be featured in an upcoming issue of speakers magazine, visit SpeakersMagazine.net

“This issue has shown the world that Black Speakers are committed to making an impact on the world. They are on fire and ready to take it to the next level because Black speakers matter – especially in the climate today,” said Perry.

Watch the video from this month’s issue:


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