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Friday, July 5, 2019

Meet the Bride Who Only Paid $3K for Her Wedding By Only Using Amazon

Ashley Hicks, Black bride spent $3K on her wedding

Ashley Hicks

Raleigh, NC — Ashley Hicks got married this past June. While she wanted everything to be perfect on that special day, she and her husband knew they didn’t want to go into debt for it as they start their new life. So, they decided to just spend $3,000 for their wedding, saving thousands of dollars by only shopping on Amazon.com’s online wedding shop (which includes an affordable selection of men and women’s wedding fashion items, planners, invitations, stationery, favors, and more.

The cost of a wedding in the U.S. is about $34,000, according to The Knot. Hicks said her husband, who works in finance, motivated her not to spend too much that it would eventually lead them to debts.

“My husband was like we’re definitely not doing that,” Hicks told ABC 13.

Hicks, who got engaged in February, wanted a June wedding. With only about 4 months to plan and prepare the wedding, she asked help from a wedding planner who recommended using online retail shop Amazon for faster turnaround of purchases and various options for comparison shopping.

Hicks took the advice and bought all the wedding supplies she needed on Amazon. She said the detailed reviews helped her make the right purchase.

“We bought my dress, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, their shoes, their jewelry, my husband’s suspenders, all the groomsmen’s gifts-except bowties, our table settings, and the plates. It was a long list,” Hicks said. “We had about 150 guests, and I probably spent about $3,000 total including our food, all the attire, decorations, everything!”

Hicks shared a tip to look for styles in a local store or online and find something similar on Amazon — like what she did for her wedding dress. She initially tried on a dress at a store that costs around $1,000. But she decided to look for a similar dress with good reviews via Amazon.com’s Wedding Dress collection. She said she found one from a dressmaker in China. She just had her measurements taken, sent it, and ordered the dress.

“I paid $100,” Hicks said. “Technically, it was $99, but, I paid $100 and I think a few cents for tax. She was like, ‘Okay it will be here in two weeks.’ It came, I put it on and it fit perfectly.”

After saving big on her ‘Big Fat Amazon Wedding’, Hicks advises anyone planning a special occasion to use your resources and that debt isn’t the only option. Well, in her case, Amazon has been a great option.