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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Meet the Owner of the Only Black-Owned Motorcycle Drag Racing Cup Series

Broderick Jackson

Nationwide — Broderick “Hollywood” Jackson, the Founder and CEO of Hollywood Drag Racing Production (HDRP), a Black-owned Atlanta, Georgia-based company, is seeking to revolutionize the world of motorcycle drag racing entertainment. He says that he aims to become a leader in the industry by implementing a unique distribution formula that promotes sustainability for both participants and tracks.

With the vision to provide fans with top-notch racing experiences, HDRP plans to utilize Internet Marketing, Live Streaming, and Production Quality Shows to engage audiences. By showcasing quality culture engagement within racing, HDRP aims to attract a diverse range of fans to their newly created and controlled media platform. The company’s website offers merchandising capabilities, live streaming to 35 media platforms simultaneously, as well as professional content writing that captivates the audience.

To enhance the overall racing experience, HDRP has also developed production-quality short commercials, 1-hour produced/edited films, and complete event live streams that will be released behind a paywall in the future to help fund the company’s growth. Additionally, the company plans to host multiple live-stream events featuring the Manufacturers Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing Series (ManCup), which was purchased in 2022 by HDRP.

In order to achieve its mission, HDRP seeks marketing partners who can provide the best production resources/ads, editing expertise, and branding capabilities to increase their visibility during live streaming events ads. This partnership would enable the brand to offer a larger market of racers across various race series and markets, thanks to the existing relationships and video rights already established by the company, with the acquisition of ManCup, HDRP is poised for growth.

“We want to create a win-win-win-win sustainable model where all parties involved benefit,” says Jackson. “Our aim is to provide exciting racing experiences that are not solely determined by financial resources or influence. By taking a more grassroots approach, we offer our marketing partner the opportunity to connect with loyal racers and fans, thereby opening up new sales opportunities. Furthermore, tracks partnering with us will benefit from marketing distribution and will attract the best Motorcycle Drag Racers and Fans to their events.”

“With having such a broad range of participants and fans it has been a challenge to nail down exactly how can we use this platform for more than advertising for sales and racing, I feel that we need to do more from a social capital investment perspective,” says Jackson. “We need to use the platform as a networking event for youth entering the workforce, experience people connecting with others with like-kind interests, and so forth. What better way to engage with people than in an environment where people are more comfortable? Not only would this be beneficial to the employer, but equally beneficial to the potential employee/youth looking for career paths. In my experience building relationships is essential to success.”

With years of experience and success in various business ventures, Broderick Jackson embodies excellence and passion both on and off the racetrack. As the owner of J2 Connect, Government Mechanical Services Contractor, HDRP, he has already proven himself as a successful entrepreneur.

In the realm of racing, Jackson is possibly the only African American owner of a professional motorsports series who is the current CEO/Owner of Manufacturers Cup Motorcycle Drag Racing Series, Pro Ultra 4.60 Racer with multiple sanctions, a former Pro Modified Bike Champion (2009), and a World Record Holder in Pro Mod Bike (2007). As the 2024 Racing Season approaches, the 2023 ManCup Series Champions will be awarded the “Hollywood”, a custom trophy in the image of Broderick ‘Hollywood” Jackson himself.

“The “Hollywood” came to fruition when my crew member Ira “Pinky” Bowers saw a photo taken at an event of me during the time we were trying to come up with an idea for a trophy for the 460 class HDRP was sponsoring,” says Jackson with a big smile. “Long story short for now the trophy was born and awarded to winners of the 460 class, but since the purchase of the ManCup the “Hollywood” seemed a perfect award, with a color change from Silver to Gold. NHRA has the “Wally”, and the ManCup has “The ‘Holly’ Hollywood.”

For more details, visit the official website at HollywoodDragRacing.com

Also, be sure to follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

For inquiries, please contact hjdracing@gmail.com

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