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Tuesday, October 29, 2019

California Deputy Attorney General Threatens Retaliation at Black Patients Matter for Filing Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit

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Nationwide — In a landmark federal civil rights lawsuit filed April 2019 by Black Patients Matter (BPM), CA Deputy Attorney General Amy Lo of San Francisco bullies BPM to withdraw the lawsuit or face “sanctions”.

“We’re not surprised… we wouldn’t be legit otherwise, sort of expected it,” states BPM whistleblower Hanna Rhee MD.

She continues, “Black Panthers already went through it despite providing our community with free healthcare, Black Lives Matter is going through it now for giving a voice to the people. Ain’t nothing new in California’s history. Rep. Schiff be like fake equality too, diggin around trying to make a square fit a round hole instead of spending more time with Pasadena black folks. What ever happened to compromise and negotiate, not retaliate and discriminate? We’re not asking for much, just an apology and a seat at the table. Reminds me of the South, just continues out West because haters getting more creative about hiding. African American patients need to find their safehouse, scars and stitches leads to safety ‘cause not everyone knows how to care for black folks. No one ever mentions the CDC report about black autistic boys and vaccines; I never even heard our CA Surgeon General pediatrician mention it… ever. CA State Senator Richard Pan MD pediatrician probably don’t even know about it; it’s not fair to say he doesn’t care about black kids getting autism.”

BPM is represented by the Law Office of Kenneth Joel Haber of Maryland (for media inquiries) and Fenton Law Group of Los Angeles supportive of racial equality and religious tolerance.

Although a GoFundMe page has been established, BPM requests readers also consider donating to their local HBCU safehouse.