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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Black-Owned Organization Commissions Detroit Muralist For Inspirational Clothing Line

Calvin Mann, founder of EMIY Inc.

Nationwide — Calvin Mann, the founder of a local community organization called EMIY, Inc, has commissioned Detroit artist and muralist Trae Isaac to create artwork for the group’s line of inspirational apparel. Funds raised will go toward the organization’s programs, which support boys and young men throughout the year.

“EMIY is about supporting our kids and their families against the negative forces they face daily. I commissioned Trae to design artwork around our ‘Win as One Detroit’ line based on the fact that his murals all over Detroit promote unity, love, and family,” Mann says. “Over the years, I’ve watched many troubled young men grow into strong grown men through the work we do at EMIY. I plan to keep it going far into the future, and our apparel line helps fund that effort. We are dedicated to legacy!”

Mann’s vision for the “Win as One Detroit” imagery included the use of rope, chain, and steel. “The rope represents the ties that bind us, the chain represents our uncommon unity, and steel represents what it’s going to take to rebuild our city,” he commented.

The “Win as One Detroit” hoodie and several other inspirational items can be purchased at EMIYApparel.com

Isaac’s murals often focus on themes of family, friendship, love, and community, so Mann’s mission resonated with him.

“Calvin has a very dense and meaningful purpose. I definitely appreciate being able to lend my creative talents to amplify that message in whatever way I can. What he’s doing resonates with me greatly because it’s needed. It speaks to me. And when he says he’s focused on family, he primarily works with boys. That speaks to me. We have to take care of our own,” Isaac said. His work can be seen at TraeIsaac.com

EMIY Apparel profits will be invested in future EMIY, Inc. activities, including the EMIY Mobile RV, which can pull up at sporting events and community activities and provide immediate encouragement to the boys there.

Throughout the years, EMIY apparel has been seen on several high-profile television shows, including Run’s House season 4, NCAA basketball, and the Lebron James Classic.

About the Founder
Calvin Mann is an author and advocate who has created several initiatives supporting boys, men, and families since 1992, after serving as a basketball coach at Ferndale High School and other AAU teams since 1987.

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